Is The Catholic Church Ready For A Black Pope?

My readers email me more than a dozen suggestions for articles every single day. Sadly, I have embarked on a new business that I believe will be the next big thing and so I cannot entertain even one suggestion a week. But reader M.H. sent me an article (1) that caught my attention: "Is the Catholic Church ready for a black Pope?"

Most of my articles take more than an hour or two just in research alone so what drew my attention to this particular article is that I realized the answer can be given in just 13 words:

Q: Is the Catholic Church ready for a black Pope?
A: Why not? More than half of US has already accepted a black Messiah.

The Obamessiah
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SodaHead, 13 Feb 2013, Is the Catholic Church ready for a black Pope?

One of the factors most likely to occupy the minds of the cardinal-electors are the challenges facing the Church and its increasingly global character, according to papal biographer John Allen. Two-thirds of the world’s Catholics live in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Many observers had predicted that an African cardinal would be elected at the last conclave, with Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze cited as having the best chance of becoming a black Pope. In the end, neither he nor any other African or Asian came close to election.


Archbishop of Durban, South Africa

Cardinal Napier, a Franciscan, has been tipped as a potential black African Pope for some time. Charismatic, humble and pastorally effective, he is a keen advocate of social justice, is doctrinally sound and is a vigorous opponent of abortion. He grew up on a South African farm with seven siblings during the apartheid era. He even opposed a papal visit to the country in 1988 saying it would give legitimacy to the white-dominated government. He has also been a firm backer of the Church’s teaching against condom use in preventing AIDS.

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