The One Way Obama Can Make Drone Strikes Cool

If you are an ignorant, narcissistic, selfish, greedy, thieving, Marxist lowlife (or simply a Democrat) then you won't at all enjoy the graphics over at The Looking Spoon Blog. For example, just last Thursday we are told that Obama's use of pop culture to get what he wants could come in handy here:

Obama Gangnam Style
Obama Gangnam Style
Photo Credit: The Looking Spoon

My own opinion is that as long as it isn't done on American soil, then any American who is a threat to the United States overseas is an appropriate target for a drone assassination. While most Americans are in favor of drone attacks against non-citizens, only 24% of Americans said it should be considered legal even against US citizens (1).

Our enemies would love to see Congress make it illegal to assassinate American terrorists abroad. For example, al qaeda would only have to recruit American-born and-raised Muslim extremists to head their overseas operations. If we can't kill them how do we stop them? How about meetings with top al qaeda figures seated around an American traitor? Can we kill them all, or will US law prevent us from sending over a drone? See the problem? Our enemies should not be able to use our laws to wage war with impunity against us.

If the bastard was born here, if he was raised here, if he went to our schools and lived among us and now helps our enemies to attack us, then that so-called American should not only be a legal target, but a morally necessary one.



CNN, 7 Feb 2013, Poll: Americans back drone attacks, but not on U.S. citizens abroad

According to a poll conducted in December, well before the president tapped his top counterterrorism adviser for the nomination, three-quarters of Americans said they support the use of unmanned aerial vehicles abroad to target non-American citizens deemed as threats to the United States.

The Fairleigh Dickinson University's PublicMind poll, which also showed little partisan divide on the issue, falls in line with an ABC News/Washington Post poll released a year ago, which showed 83% approved of the military practice.

But the public feels differently about another tactic–also supported by the Obama administration–which involves using drones overseas to attack American citizens suspected of terrorist activity. According to the Fairleigh Dickinson University's PublicMind poll, 48% of Americans said it's illegal for the U.S. to attack its own citizens in such situations, while 24% said the practice should be considered legal.

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