Oprah Winfrey Lied about Purse Affair

Oprah Winfrey has joined the race-baiters. In order to show solidarity with all those poor blacks who are gunned down while innocently walking with candies and juices, Oprah got her thousand dollar silk panties in a twist over nothing at all. She was not treated in a racist manner at all. Here's the real story which our leftist media will not print:

Politically Incorrect – English Version, “Täschligate” – Oprah Winfrey Lies

Oprah Winfrey goes on a fake rant about discrimination
Oprah Winfrey goes on a fake rant about discrimination

[What follows is a translation of the article from Blick.ch]

The sales clerk from the luxury boutique tells how the encounter with Oprah Winfrey really went

“I haven’t been able to sleep any more for days”

TV icon Oprah Winfrey (59) says she was discriminated against in Zurich. Not true, the sales clerk says.

The US billionaire wanted to look at a purse by Trudie Götz for 35,000 francs in a luxury boutique. This was refused her, Winfrey ranted this week on US television. Exclusive in SonntagsBlick, the sales clerk now speaks who served Winfrey the day before the wedding of her friend Tina Turner (73) three weeks ago in Zurich.

BLICK: Adriana N.*, why do you wish to do this interview anonymously?
Adriana N:
Because I fear reactions from the people. I don’t want to be addressed in the street because of this incident. I want to continue to live normally and be able to continue working normally.

How are you?
Horrible! I haven’t been able to sleep anymore for days. I feel like I’m in the middle of a tornado. Totally powerless, and at someone else’s mercy. It’s horror that happened there.

Are you afraid for your job?
I asked Trudie Götz Friday if she wanted me to give notice. She said now and was very understanding. It’s nice to know that such fantastic superiors exist who stand up in protection of someone.

Exactly what happened when Oprah Winfrey came into your shop?
She came into our boutique on Saturday, July 20th. It was in the afternoon, a completely normal day. Oprah Winfrey had a friend with her, perhaps it was her bodyguard, I don’t know. In any case, he held the door open for her.

How was she dressed?
She war a long black skirt. I don’t remember anymore what she wore up top.

And then?
They came in and asked where the ladies’ department was. There were three of us clerks in the shop. I led Oprah and her comopanion to the second floor. Up there, I asked her if I could show her something special. She said she had never been in a shop like this in Switzerland and looked around. I wasn’t sure what I should show her.

What did you do?
I went to a display case and showed her one of these Jennifer Aniston purses that are really popular. I told her that this bag was available in various sizes and materials, something I always do. She looked at a rack behind me. Way up. On it was exhibited the 35,000-franc crocodile purse. I told her that it was the same purse as what she was holding right in her hand. Only it was much more expensive. I could gladly show her other purses, too.

Oprah Winfrey claimed on US television that you didn’t hand her the purse for racist reasons.
That is absolutely not true! I even asked her if she would like to look at the purse more closely. Mrs. Winfrey looked around again in the shop but said nothing else. Then she went with her companion down to the lower floor. My colleague held the door open for them. She was hardly five minutes in the shop with us.

She could have said to her: “You don’t want to see this purse. It is too expensive. You couldn’t afford it,” says Winfrey.
That’s not true. That is absurd. I would never say such a thing to a customer. Absolutely not! Good manners and courtesy are quintessential elements in this business.

Why then is Oprah Winfrey making such accusations?
I don’t know! She is so powerful, and I am only a clerk. I have done nobody any wrong. I also don’t understand why she must make such a big deal of this on TV. If everything had taken place like she claims: Why then didn’t she complain to Trudie Götz the next day at the wedding of Tina Turner? My boss was also a guest there. I don’t understand it.

Trudie Götz says it was only a misunderstanding …
Yes. I spoke English with Mrs. Winfrey. My English is OK, but not outstanding. Unfortunately.

Did you really know who you were serving?
No, I didn’t recognize Oprah Winfrey. It would have made no difference as well. We take really great care to encounter all people with the same respect and treat all the same. If somebody asks me whether he or she can see an article, I always present it. Because the person is a potential buyer. And my career is to sell. I am proud when I can sell an article. For me, it is an honor when I can sell a beautiful piece. That means I am good in my profession.

How long have you worked for Trudie Götz?
Five years. Before that I worked in a well known boutique in Italy. I studied fashion design. For almost all of my life I have moved around in this world. I love my profession.

Do you deal often with foreign customers?
Yes. More than fifty percent of our business’ customers are international. They come from all over the world. Until now I have never had problems.

Thus, you are not a racist?
Certainly not! I am an Italian. Why should I of all people discriminate against someone due to their origin? That makes no sense at all!

How often do you really sell purses worth 35,000 francs?
Perhaps a handful each year. This purse is very exclusive.

What would you do differently today?
I ponder and ponder and still don’t know. Because to this day, I don’t know what I could have done wrong.

What would you tell Oprah Winfrey?
I would apologize. It was a misunderstanding. I certainly didn’t intend to offend Mrs. Winfrey. I hope this nightmare comes to an end soon.

[*Name changed by the editorial]

I suppose the clerk had the audacity to mention price to the almighty Oprah. No offense was offered but Oprah took offense. The problem is with Ms. Winfrey.

It is a sad thing indeed - even with everything in the world, it seems some blacks cannot stop playing the victim.

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