Why I Pick on Muslims

Four Amish girls walk to the home of one of the girls that was killed yesterday at the one room Amish schoolhouse shooting October 3, 2006 in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania.
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In my article Can Muslims be Good Americans? No. No. No. we discussed how it is impossible for Muslims to be good Americans because Islam is fundamentally incompatible with our form of government, our laws, our culture, our society, and in fact, almost every facet of western civilization. The only way Muslims can assimilate and accept our way of life is for them to renounce Islam.

It may occur for some of my readers to wonder: "Why should Americans care whether or not Muslims stay in their faith? Aren't Quakers, Mennonites, and other similar religious groups who do not accept our way of life equally problematic? Why doesn't Bernie complain about them?"

Let me respond before that question is asked: I certainly would rail against them as well, but only if I found out that a Mennonite woman applied for a job at an Abercrombie Kids store demanding to wear her clothing style or she would sue the company if they didn't hire her (1); or if an Amish woman refused to remove her bonnet at an amusement park ride for safety reasons (2); or especially if any Quaker did a 180 and instead of merely peacefully protesting the war in Iraq, instead decided to gun down as many of our soldiers as possible (3).

So yes, I would pick on other religious groups in our country if they were called upon by their religion to make the world into one faith or to force non-believers into adopting their customs and obeying their particular religious laws. If Mennonite or Quaker culture were as backward, primitive, savage, brutal, barbaric as the cultures in Islamic countries, if the followers of other religions committed tens of thousands of murders, burnings, tortures, and forced conversion as Muslims have committed [see The Religion of Peace] since 9/11, then I would also be asking for them to be exiled from our country if they were born here, or deported if they came as immigrants.

So I am not picking on Muslims because I hate anyone that does not believe in the same religion as I do (I am an Atheist) nor am I picking on them because they have a different culture (certainly the Mennonite culture is quite different from mine). I pick on Muslims because they are a threat to our way of life - yes even those who in their heart have no enmity towards America because as Muslims become more numerous, the fundamentalists among them eventually wag the dog.

That is why you do not see mass protests by moderate Muslims against their extremist brethren: they are too afraid. That is also why Islam cannot reform, because all the reformists are considered apostates and threatened with death and are generally assassinated (4).

That is to say, Islam cannot be fixed. I wish it could be - If it could be fixed I would be offering suggestions on how Muslims can become good citizens of our country.



Planck's Constant Blog, Muslim Women working at Hooters

Back in June 2008 hijab-wearing, 17 year old Samantha Elauf applied for a sales job at the Abercrombie Kids store in Woodland Hills Mall, Tulsa, Oklahoma for which she was obviously unsuited. A district manager allegedly told her that the hijab did not fit the store's image. Unfortunately, the idiots at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission took this to mean that A&F was discriminating against her because of her religious beliefs...


Planck's Constant Blog, Muslims Are Exempt from the Petty Rules of Kaffirs

A few days ago, a Muslim woman caused a major scuffle with police at the Rye Playland amusement park (1) in Westchester County, New York because she wanted to be exempt from the park’s restrictions on head coverings. If she choked on her headscarf you can be sure the park would have been sued by her relatives. Does she care If her scarf landed on the rails and caused an accident? Not really. All she cares about is causing an incident and hoping they can get some compensation for being discriminated against. A Muslim woman exlaimed: “It’s clear, this all happened because we’re Muslim...”


Planck's Constant Blog, Chris Matthews Is A Dangerous And Useful Idiot

But didn't Major Nidal Malik Hasan consider himself a Muslim first and an American second? Didn't he complain that the US was conducting a war against Islam?


Jihad Watch, Morocco: Muslim cleric condemns violence in Islam's name, is declared an apostate and threatened with death

From modern, moderate Morocco comes yet another example of why we don't see more sincere Muslim reformers. Ahmed Assid said: "To call [upon people] to follow Islam by the use of violence and constraint is an act of terrorism." For that, he has been condemned, declared a non-Muslim, and threatened with death.

Caption for photo:

NICKEL MINES, PA - OCTOBER 03: Four Amish girls walk to the home of one of the girls that was killed yesterday at the one room Amish schoolhouse shooting October 3, 2006 in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania. According to officials a milk truck driver identified as Charles Carl Roberts IV entered the schoolhouse, let the boys and adults go free, tied up the girls and shot them execution style before committing suicide. Five girls were killed and at least seven others injured. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

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