I Shop at the Supermarket Every Day

I like my food fresh. Instead of buying enough fruit and vegetables at one time hoping it will last for a week or so I prefer to buy my produce in small numbers every day. I buy one roll or bagel each day so they will be soft and yummy without needing to be put in the freezer and nuked later.

People who buy enough bananas to last a week usually end up with over-ripe pieces of mushy brown fruit.

I never buy stuff in cans except tuna and seltzer and I especially do not buy any packages which have more than two or three items in the ingredient listing. When I buy cereal it has only one ingredient: whole wheat. When I buy a package of oatmeal the only ingredient is 100% natural whole grain rolled oats. No sugar, flavorings, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, dipotassium phosphate, mono and diglycerides, artificial colors, salt, ad nauseam.

Instead of artificially fruit-flavored additives, I add real, fresh fruit which I bought that day to my oatmeal.

One of the benefits of shopping daily is that I get to buy specials each visit. For example, sometimes all week long there will be a buy-one-get-one-free of something. If you shop once a week you get only one shot at that special.

If I want macaroni & cheese, I buy macaroni and I buy cheese. Instead of ingesting 30 unnatural ingredients my stomach only entertains two.

The fridge is never over-filled as it would be with a once-a-week haul.

Pound for pound, I spend less on food shopping to feed my family than if I bought prepared foods.

In addition, I sometimes like to take my 3 year old grandson shopping with me. My shopping list is short compared to my fellow shoppers who fill their shopping cart beyond the brim and so I can put him in the cart to keep him from running amok. And since I finish my tour in less than 20 minutes, he's less likely to get bored and cranky.

How do you shop?

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