Faked Naked Photos of Scarlett Johansson

Over the years I have written almost two dozen articles about Scarlett Johansson extolling her talent and beauty.

During that time some of my readers have sent naked images claiming to be those of my favorite movie star. All so far were fake with the exception of the instance when someone hacked Scarlett's iPhone and stole two nude photos of the sexy actress.

I have gotten the following photo emailed to me a number of times (click on image for larger, more revealing and NSFW view):

not naked photo of Scarlett johansson

The real person in that Photoshopped image is Hayley-Marie Coppin, an English nude model and softcore porn star:

not naked photo of Scarlett johansson - but of Hayley-Marie Coppin

I cannot explain how I know this.

Now that you see that the Scarlett image is bogus, I hope some of my readers will stop circulating them.

### End of my article ###

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