Hatred of Gays Not Main Reason for Orlando Massacre

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In response to my article Muslims Can Get Away With Murder a recent email from a reader asked me what the difference was between the Orlando shooting by a Muslim and the many attacks in the US by non-Muslim homophobes.

Although I mentioned that the first reason for the attack was that the perpetrator is Muslim, I should have been more clear: the main reason for the Orlando Massacre was that it was primarily against non-Muslims and only secondarily against gays.

As for the difference between attacks against gays by Muslims as opposed to by non-Muslims: if you are gay, there is no difference. However, and this should not bt taken to mean I think the life of an LGBT person is not valuable, but when a Muslim does it, it is terror meant to change our entire way of life. When a white-supremacist or homophobe does it, it is a criminal act meant to do nothing but harm that one person.

When a person is killed by a car, the car does not intend to change America into a shariah-compliant country.

When Maj. Nadal Malik Hasan killed 13 soldiers at Fort Hood it wasn't because he hated soldiers, it was because his targets were infidels. He may have been opposed to the American military killing other Muslims, but that was the secondary, not the main, reason.

When the Tsarnaev brothers set off bombs in Boston it wasn't because they despised marathon runners, it was because their targets were infidels. Although there are fatwas against playing sports, it certainly wasn't the main reason.

When Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife killed 14 Department of Public Health workers in San Bernardino it wasn't because they couldn't stand county workers, it was because their targets were infidels. Of course, there are idiots out there who want to blame it on work-place violence, and Farook may well have hated working for the county, but it certainly wasn't the main reason.

And so we come to the Orlando Massacre: When Omar Mateen killed 49 revelers at a popular gay nightclub it wasn't because he hated gays, it was because his targets were infidels. Of course, he very well might have hated gays (including himself) but it wasn't his main reason. Yes, yes being gay makes one worthy of the death penalty according to Sharia law, and so his targets' gayness may well have been one of the reasons. However first and foremost Mateen was a Muslim and his victims were not.

Mateen's Choice of Venue Was Confusing

The fact that it was a gay night club only makes Mateen's Jihad confusing, so says an Islamic Terrorist online magazine:

NBC News, Al Qaeda: Orlando Shooter Should Have Targeted Whites

An al Qaeda franchise is praising Orlando gunman Omar Mateen — but chiding him for targeting gay Latinos instead of straight whites.

A snarky public statement purportedly released by Inspire, the online magazine of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, says that by mowing down 49 people at a gay nightclub full of Latinos instead of setting his sights on a crowd of "Anglo-Saxons," Mateen muddled his message.

As a result, media coverage focused on whether Mateen was driven by hatred of gays — even though he professed allegiance to ISIS, and not its rival al Qaeda, in a 911 call during the June 12 massacre.

"The attacker chose a nightclub of homosexuals specifically," the Inspire statement said, adding that "better than that is to choose the places that do not specify a certain sect."

Muslim terrorists know the purpose of the attack, but obviously Governor Cuomo does not. He wants a memorial built in New York City dedicated to “the victims of Orlando and the victims of hate crimes everywhere.

We already have a memorial to the victims of Islamic hatred of infidels: it's located at the site of the 9/11 attacks.

The photoshopped image above originally came from the San Diego 2006 Gay Pride Parade.

San Diego 2006 Gay Pride Parade

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