The Brexit Vote is a Vote Against Muslim Immigration

Perhaps a sign of things to come: this November Americans get to vote whether our country will be over-run with illegal aliens and unrestricted Muslim immigration or take the same path chosen by Brits who are fed up with political correctness and obsequious tolerance of Muslims and illegal immigrants. If you are anti-Trump then the Brexit vote was not good news:

The Week, 24 Jun 2016, Why Brexit should scare anti-Trump Americans

The first lesson Brexit has for anti-Trump America is that there's a potential majority out there that is angry, scared, and more than willing to jump into the abyss. Sober analysts and economists warned Britons repeatedly that pulling out of the EU would be an economic and security debacle. "They heard the warnings, listened to experts of every kind tell them that Brexit meant disaster, watched the prime minister as he urged them not to take a terrible risk," says Matthew d'Ancona at The Guardian. "And their answer was: Get stuffed."

Here is a typical ad from by the UK Independence Party (UKIP) before the Brexit vote:

Three years ago David Cameron agreed to a Brexit referendum (even though he was against leaving the EU), because it was impossible to think it would pass.

Last year it was impossible to think that Donald Trump had any chance to become President of the United States. Now he has a 50-50 chance.

Am I worried that Hillary keeps harping that Trump is too ill-informed and too dangerous to be President? Not really, I have a good memory. I remember Jimmy Carter saying the exact same thing about Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Original image used by UKIP can be found at Getty Images:

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