The Difference Between Trump University and Hillary`s Email Server

If you listen to liberals trying to equate Hillary's use of a private email server for government business you will hear them throwing out the phrase "but Trump University cheated students." Of course, many schools are being sued by their graduates because they can't find jobs even after spending hundreds of thousand of dollars on tuition (1).

But let's assume Trump U. didn't do right by its students, I will ignore for the moment all the satisfied responses left by former students. Nevertheless, how can anyone possibly equate dissatisfied students with government secrets compromised or stolen by hostile states? In case you don't know why she had a private server - Hillary didn't want her emails subject to Freedom of Information requests.

An unhappy student is a sad thing, don't get me wrong, however that doesn't even come close to the danger Hillary put this country in by using an unsecured server when sending out classified and top secret government emails.

Trump hasn't killed anyone. No one can say that about Hillary. In a sane country she would have been arrested for treason, tried, and after having been found guilty, would have been put up against a wall and shot.

I am sometimes astounded that there is a significant number of women who ignore Hillary's despicable qualities, who just can't see how evil she really is.

Oh wait, I see what's going on:

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College Candy, Law Student Sues School, Has Been Unemployed For 10 Years

Anna Alaburda graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law nearly a decade ago and is now suing them because she has yet to find a full-time job as a lawyer. Umm, can you really blame your school for your own lack of employment? According to Alaburda, hell yes.

In fact, apparently others think so too because the now 37-year-old is the first former law student whose case against a law school will go to trial. She’s claiming that Thomas Jefferson (the school, not the person) inflated the employment data for its graduates as a way to lure students to enroll.

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