Very Few Muslim Terror Attacks Are Designated As Such During Obama Reign

In yesterday's article The Lie that Less than 2 Percent of Terrorist Attacks in the U.S. are by Islamic Extremists I pointed out that many of the so-called terror attacks by non-Muslims are harmless acts of vandalism which were added to the terror stats simply to puff up the non-Muslim count, thus minimizing the number of attacks by Muslims. As well, obvious terrorist acts by Muslim extremists were masked by listing the perpetrators as having unknown affiliation.

What I left out in that article is that hundreds and hundreds of Islamic-inspired attacks in our country are entirely mischaracterized by our Obama-controlled FBI and then whitewashed by the Liberal Media; so these attacks are never listed in the Global Terrorism Database.

Case in point: the Vaughan Foods beheading incident on 24 September 2014. Alton Alexander Nolen, a recent Muslim convert beheaded a woman and stabbed another person. See the photo of our perpetrator here?

Alton Alexander Nolen - Muslim terrorist

This photo was on the perp's Facebook page at the time of the Islamic-inspired beheading. Why do I write that the beheading was Islamic-inspired? Because his social media rants leading up to the attack condemned the United States and Israel, while also warning us that shariah law was coming to the U.S..

However, the photo above is too politically incorrect, too Islamic for our left-wing media - it might offend their darling incompetent moron Obama who doesn't believe these kinds of people exist. Want to see the photo used by the media instead? Here's one they pulled of him taken in 2011:

Alton Alexander Nolen - Muslim terrorist
Clean Cut American
Photo Credit: NBC News

So this clean-cut image along with the FBI's report that this was work-place violence insures that this Muslim terrorist attack never gets added to the Global Terrorism Database. Yeah, that's right, many disgruntled ex-employees come back to their old job and behead someone - happens every day - nothing to do with Islam.

There are 2 million Muslim stories in the United States. This was one of them.

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