Is the Truth Hateful?

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We all have heard the expression, "The Truth hurts," however that is not the complete expression. Here it is: "The truth hurts, but lies kill." If a woman I know asks me if she is fat I will answer truthfully even if it hurts because a lie may be injurious to her health.

So when someone I respect and care for asks me if Islam is dangerous, I tell the truth: Islam is a dangerous, vicious, savage, and barbaric ideology bent on world domination.

Is that rude? Is that hateful? Is that offensive? No, no and no. The truth is completely blind; truth has no intention to be rude, hateful or offensive. It is what it is and nothing more. If the person hearing the truth wants me to be honest then the truth will not be rude, hateful or offensive.

However, if the person doesn't want to hear the truth then indeed he will find me rude, hateful, and offensive rather than face that truth. It hurts to have one's illusions broken.

Take for example a comment left by NelsonMinar in response to my article Three Card Monte at Ground Zero: "I took the photo in Paris you are using at the top of the article. I wish you hadn't. Your hateful message about Muslims is un-American. You should be ashamed of yourself."

I answered: "What is it that I wrote that is hateful? I only write the truth. I understand that the truth hurts, but nowhere did I write that I hate Muslims."

You will note that NelsonMinar did not dispute the truth of what I wrote since I cited sources and this poor person has no way to show I am wrong and so his only refuge is to accuse me of being hateful.

If I got the facts wrong, tell me where I am wrong and I will update the article with an apology and a correction.

As for being ashamed - writing the truth is nothing to be ashamed about.

Billions of years hence my beloved planet will be no more. An infinite number of years more and there will not be a speck of dust left in the Universe - however the truth I write will endure beyond the end of time. That truth is that Islam is the greatest and most dangerous evil than has ever been visited upon our world.

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