Ten Years Ago I Made a Bet With My Readers About Scarlett Johansson That Came True

scarlett johansson - highest-grossing actress of all time

Ten years ago when I first started blogging I wrote an article entitled Scarlett Johansson`s Golden Globes in which I confidently offered the following wager: "Lunch bet says this young woman [Scarlett Johansson] will be the top box office actress in less than 10 years."

Just so you know, during those ten years I have written dozens of articles about other actresses without once making a similar prediction about them.

So now it's ten years later and I wonder what has become of my favorite actress?

29 Jun 2016,
Scarlett Johansson is currently the highest-grossing woman in box office history.

Scarlett Johansson really is one of the most in-demand actors these days but turns out she's also one of the most bankable. She's recently landed herself on a list of the ten highest-grossing actors of all time and just happens to be the only woman there.

Here is that list of the ten highest-grossing actors of all time from Box Office Mojo (figures are in millions):

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Total Gross# Movies / Average#1 PictureGross
1Harrison Ford$4,871.741$118.8Star Wars: The Force Awakens$936.7
2Samuel L. Jackson$4,646.868$68.3The Avengers$623.4
3Morgan Freeman$4,434.160$73.9The Dark Knight$534.9
4Tom Hanks$4,340.744$98.7Toy Story 3$415.0
5Robert Downey, Jr.$3,943.853$74.4The Avengers$623.4
6Eddie Murphy$3,810.438$100.3Shrek 2$441.2
7Tom Cruise$3,587.236$99.6War of the Worlds$234.3
8Johnny Depp$3,366.645$74.8Dead Man's Chest$423.3
9Michael Caine$3,341.558$57.6The Dark Knight$534.9
10Scarlett Johansson$3,332.537$90.1The Avengers$623.4

Although Scarlett today is the number 1 highest-grossing female actor she is currently only number 10 on the overall list. So here's another prediction: "I bet lunch that within three years, Scarlett will be number 5 or better on the overall list."

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