Thousands of Blacks are Murdered Each Year But Not By Cops and Not By Whites

do black lives really matter
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There was a young black man by the name of LeShawn walking on a beach the other Sunday when he spotted the tip of a golden oil lamp sticking out of the sand. As LeShawn brushed off the sand and rubbed it clean, a great sparkling and swirling smoke engulfed him. From the midst of it all, a genie of frightening visage appeared before him.

Recoiling in fear, the young man begged, "Please don't hurt me." The genie laughed and said, "I cannot harm you - because you have released me you are my master. And as gift, you may have three wishes."

Before we hear LeShawn's first wish - a little background: it so happens that this young man belonged to the Black Lives Matter movement and so, desiring to help save the lives of as many blacks as possible he asked the genie if his wishes could act retroactively. Upon being told that his wishes could indeed change the past his first wish came out immediately: "I wish that slaves never came to America."

The genie was about to snap his fingers when he stopped short and said, "Master, I cannot grant your wish for doing so would cause your death. You see, if slaves never came to America then hundreds of millions of black Africans would have died in slavery in Arabia including your great grandparents.

What LeShawn does not know is that Muslim Arab slave traders killed more than a 100 million blacks during 14 centuries of their slave raids into Africa. LeShawn's ancestors were the lucky Africans who survived by coming to America rather than Arabia.

LeShawn then tried this: "I wish the KKK never existed."

The genie snapped his fingers and LeShawn's wish came true. LeShawn saved a mere 5,600 lives over the century and a half that the KKK existed.

What LeShawn doesn't know is that he could have saved many, many more black lives if he had wished instead that Liberal politicians never existed. Liberals have been running major cities in the United States for more than 35 years, during that time alone more than 324,000 U.S. Blacks were killed by other Blacks - that is, LeShawn could have saved 50 times more black lives by eliminating Liberal politicians rather than the KKK.

For the second wish LeShawn wanted white Americans to know what it feels like when cops kill their own kind: "I wish that white cops kill more whites than blacks."

The genie shook his head at the foolish, wasted wish and snapped his fingers. Nothing changed of course - White cops already kill more whites than blacks even though cops confront more blacks than whites.

For his final wish LeShawn asked, "I wish that all racists in America just disappear."

When the genie snapped his finger a funny thing happened: although hundreds of thousands of whites disappeared, an even larger number of blacks disappeared as well, including Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, a person whose name rhymes with YoMamma, every member of Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers.

What LeShawn didn't know was that blacks are more racist than whites.

I am in no way suggesting that there is no racism in our country nor am I minimizing the tragedy of some of the horrible deaths of innocent blacks by police. Nor am I saying that concern about black on black crime should be more important that white cops killing blacks. Blacks killing other blacks has nothing to do with cops killing blacks. I only bring up the matter for perspective, not to say we shouldn't discuss cops killing blacks.

However, the #BlackLivesMatter movement is more a #CopsLivesDon'tMatter movement than an effort to solve the problem of young blacks being murdered. I am not a supporter of Black Lives Matter because in my heart I want every young black person to have a good life and to be happy and prosperous. For that to happen we need to stop all the things Liberals have done to separate black fathers from their family. Growing up without two parents is responsible for tens of thousands more deaths among the young than white cops.

And don't bother calling me racist, it's an empty epithet with no meaning when thrown by a Liberal. Instead please respond to my arguments by using citations and sources such as FBI crime statistics as I do in all my articles. Please, just the facts.

### End of my article ###

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