Maleficent and Daughter Mal Go Shopping at Reese`s Hair Pieces

Maleficent and Daughter Mal Go Shopping at Reese`s Hair PiecesI decided to pay a visit to Reese's Hair Pieces to score some free candy when I spied the sorceress and her daughter posing for photos with trick-or-treaters.
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Shariah-Compliant Halloween Costumes For Muslims

Shariah-Compliant Halloween Costumes For Muslims.There may be a handful of Muslims out there who genuinely want to take part in our way of life and eventually renounce Islam. For those Muslims who are on the cusp, who are almost ready to become real Americans and slowly turn away from Islam, I offer the following Shariah-Compliant Halloween Costumes.
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Today April 9 is National Name Yourself Day

what is your nameToday, you, my dear reader, can celebrate this holiday by giving yourself a new name. Change your first, middle, or last name.
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Carving Infidel Pumpkin Faces

christian pumpkin burningI do have a suggestion to help Muslims accept Halloween: carve an infidel face, douse it with gasoline and set it on fire as Muslims like to do to Christian devils.
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Top 13 Posts to 18 November 2010

muslim cartoonabout 625 visitors come to my blog every single day looking for Muslim humor.
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13 Naked Pumpkin Babes For My Muslim Readers

pumpkin babyIt is also interesting to note that Muslims (especially those in Pakistan lead the world in searches for sex-related content and so for this reason, as is my custom from time to time, I post articles with hot and spicy honeypot keywords to entice more Muslim viewers to my blog.
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Halloween Gestapo at the Boulder Naked Pumpkin Run

naked pumpkin runLet it be noted that it is not against the law to be naked in Boulder Colorado. So this moron, Mark Beckner, had to go through textual contortions to turn a harmless bit of fun into a sexual offense. Chief Moron Beckner twisted Colorado's indecent exposure statute, which makes it a Class 1 misdemeanor for anyone to knowingly expose his or her genitals in circumstances "likely to cause affront or alarm," and applied it to nude pumpkin runners saying, "a throng of naked people with jack-o-lanterns on their heads is, by definition, an alarming sight."
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Halloween Safety for Kids

black cat costume halloween at nightYou may not believe this, but there will be at least one black mother who will permit her black son to go out at the dead of night unaccompanied and dressed as a black cat carrying a black treat bag. If you hit this child, Al Sharpton will make it his business to call you a racist and blame you for the accident and not the mother.
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13 Christmas Gifts for our Muslim Friends

broken lightbulbIn my home we celebrate Christmas because it too has become an American Holiday. Most of the Carols we sing, the stories we tell, the decorations we hang, and the Christmas films we watch are particularly American. My two boys, ages 26 and 31, have been celebrating Christmas their entire lives without once associating the festive holiday with the name Jesus Christ.
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boo beesWhile American children get to enjoy the only holiday specifically made for kids, Muslims refrain from any cultural holidays that do not originate with Islam:
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