President Donald Trump Molested Me

king size paydar barThe best way to encourage accusers to come out and slander Donald Trump is to offer a huge, sweet payday.
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WaPo Reporter Spreads Inaccurate Photo of Trump Pensacola Crowd Size

fake photos of rally at Pensacola 9 Nov 2017It isn't Donald Trump who is obsessed by crowd size - it is the Main Stream Media that gets wet down their thighs if they can show even a single empty chair at one of his rallies.
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13 Headlines that the Washington Post Will Print in the Future

future technologyIf Trump discovered the Cure for Cancer, then the lying, fake news, anti-Trump, delusional, hysterical leftwing media will find something unpleasant and irrelevant to report.
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Republican Tax Plan Is Armageddon --- For Democrats

In this Nov. 9, 2017, photo,House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington. Pelosi is slamming a Republican bill that would make it easier for gun owners to legally carry concealed weapons across state linesA successful Trump Presidency is the best thing for America and the worst thing for Democrats.
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US Postal Stamps You Will Not See Issued While Trump is President

Muslim Stamp MalfunctionBowing to Muslims and issuing stamps honoring Muslim Holidays will not be a gesture you will see under President Donald Trump.
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Pocahontas is Not A Racist Slur and Elizabeth Warren is an Idiot

How to Unscrew a Screw Without a ScrewdriverThe word "Pocahontas" when used against a non-native American is in fact an Honorific-denied. It is the same as saying, "You madam, are no Pocahontas." It is holding Pocahontas in the highest esteem and with utmost respect. In the same regard, calling someone an Einstein when they are obviously an idiot, is not an antisemitic slur, it is simply saying that that person is no Einstein. No bigoted slur intended.
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Melania and Putin Dinner Photo Shows Power of American Democracy

American first lady Melania Trump and Russian president Putin sitting at dinner at the G20 Summit in Germany.So what we have here is a female immigrant raised in a Communist Regime who came to America and became literally the most powerful female figure in the world who then sits and chats with the leader of the former Soviet Union. Now tell me that isn't the most inspiring image for millions of women still living under Communist subjugation.
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CNNBlackmail Shows Trump was Right that Fake News Media is the Enemy of the People

Rowdy Donny GriperThis blackmail against a private citizen was perpetrated by a multi-billion dollar enterprise that cries about Trump trying to stifle the Press's Freedom of Speech. Anyone on the left see the irony here?
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Trump Tweets Are Smart Moves

President Donald Trump unleashed perhaps the greatest tweet ever Sunday morning on Twitter.President Donald Trump unleashed perhaps the greatest tweet ever Sunday morning on Twitter.
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Trump Evil? The Devil You Say!

There’s a thriving group on Facebook with 12,000 members who say Donald Trump is the son of the devil.There’s a thriving group on Facebook with 12,000 members who say Donald Trump is the son of the devil.
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