Abortion foes can`t wait for Alito

Through their terrorist tactics, the Christian Taliban has already made it impossible in 87% of US Counties to find an abortion provider. Perhaps what most women need is a good dose of getting what they are asking for. Let them get pregnant in Kansas and find out that if the fetus is going do die inside them anyway, state law will prevent them from aborting the dead thing inside of them. Let them get raped by their father in New Hampshire and then be forced to have their own sister as their child. Let them have a fatal medical condition if they bring to term in any RED state, and see that they will have to die so that something else can live.

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Time Magazine,
23 Jan 2006,
Abortion's Middle Ground

[Nancy Gibbs:] I watched the demonstrations this weekend marking the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade and wonder at their familiarity; the candlelight vigil in front of the Supreme Court, the masses on the mall and in cities across the country, the urgent hope that protesters express as they see the fight breaking in their favor: John Roberts. Sam Alito. New laws in multiple states that are bound to wind up being challenged, so that the next battle is bound to be waged before a more sympathetic High Court.

It strikes me mainly because as visible and volatile as the issue is, the transforming events have already occurred, to an extent that makes the legal fight less practically relevant. It's not just that abortion is already unavailable in the vast majority of communities across the country, and would remain available in some states even if Roe were overturned.T

bill bairdI invited bill baird to give a talk on birth control at Wagner College in Staten Island back in 1969. At that time, he was getting himself arrested at different college campuses for "exhibiting birth control and abortion devices" and I was expecting the same to happen to him at Wagner. The student response to him was fantastic despite the fact that Wagner at that time was a Lutheran College [so what was a nice, Jewish boy like myself doing there?] and many of the young women were from out-of-state, conservative homes [that's the reason I was there].

One of his arrests ended up in BAIRD v. EISENSTADT, the 1972 U.S. Supreme Court decision that liberalized birth control laws in the United States and helped to establish the cornerstone of ROE v. WADE.

Personally, I am against abortion, but not in all cases and certainly not if the mother's life is in danger. I believe in "the dignity of every human life," especially that of the already living.

I am also opposed to having any of my limbs removed, but would do so without hesitation if it meant living with a third limb that prevented me from having a happy, normal life. I certainly would be opposed to any law that said it was illegal for a doctor to remove an arm or leg. That is business between my doctor and me, not any state or federal government. Is it a living thing? Yes. Is it repulsive to many people to conceive of anyone wanting to remove an arm or leg? Yes. Is it anyone else's business? No.

Many opposed to abortion in the name of sanctity of life have no problem firebombing clinics and shooting at clinic employees or doctors. It seems once you are out of the womb you are fair game for destruction.

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