good for you google,shame on you yahoo, MSN, AOL

What the Christian Taliban is aiming at here is to eventually control access to the Internet. Will Children's access to pornography be eliminated if the Bush Administration pushes through the 1998 Child Online Protection Act (Copa)? Not at all. It will only make it more difficult for search engines to legally, technically give adults entries to anything else.,
Google fights US gov't request for search data

Federal prosecutors preparing to defend a controversial web pornography law in court have asked AOL, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! to hand over millions of search records - a request that Google is adamantly refusing.

If government continues to intrude into our personal lives, we will certainly end up with a Chinese form of Internet, while theirs is slowly becoming like ours. That would indeed be ironic that one day I would need to post a blog in China for fear of being politically, religiously, morally unable to do so in Amerika.

The Bush Administration should be asking the search engines for patterns of use of keywords such as 'Bomb the Jews', or 'Kill Bush', or 'nuke those damn infidels'. Oh, shit, did I just get on some government anti-terror list? No, they are busy looking for other things.

By the way, if anything, we should make it easier for Muslim children to get to porn. A couple clicks on Jenna Jameson and young Mahmood will have other things on his mind than Osama Bin Laden.

Jenna Jameson

Oh shit, did I just get on some government anti-porn list? Someday...

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