Cartoon Riots not just a few extremists

Enough already! Stop blaming the anti-Danish Cartoon riots on a handful of extremists. Does the following look like a handful?

Police fired tear gas at about 7,000 students protesting the Prophet Muhammad cartoons

AP) Police fired tear gas at about 7,000 students protesting the Prophet Muhammad cartoons Monday in northwestern Pakistan.

Afghan security forces opened fire on demonstrators

(AP) Afghan security forces opened fire on demonstrators Monday, leaving at least four dead, as increasingly violent protests erupted around the world over published caricatures of Islam's Prophet Muhammad. European and Muslim politicians pleaded for calm.

Pakistani protesters gather during a demonstration in Peshawar

Peshawar, PAKISTAN: Pakistani protesters gather during a demonstration in Peshawar, 15 February 2006. Fresh protests against cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed engulfed Pakistan, leaving Western businesses in flames and three people dead, including an eight-year-old boy. Riots also flared for a second day in the historic eastern city of Lahore, where another person was killed, and in at least half a dozen other towns across the world's second most populous Muslim nation. (Photo credit: TARIQ MAHMOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

Kenyan muslims demonstrate in Nairobi

Nairobi, KENYA: Kenyan muslims demonstrate in Nairobi, 10 February 2006 in protest of the publication of cartoon caricatures of Prophet Mohammed by a Danish newspaper. Thousands of angry Kenyan muslims paraded through the capital vowing to defend Islam from ridicule. (Photo credit: TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images)

Afghan police restrain protesters

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN - FEBRUARY 10: Afghan police restrain protesters chanting "long live Islam," on February 10, 2006 in Kabul, Afghanistan. The protesters condemned the depiction of the Prophet Mohammed in cartoons first published in Denmark. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Iraqis demonstrate in the city of Baquba 10 February 2006 northeast of Baghdad in protest against cartoon of Prophet Mohammed

BAQUBA, IRAQ: Iraqis demonstrate in the city of Baquba 10 February 2006 northeast of Baghdad in protest against cartoon of Prophet Mohammed that were published in European newspapers. The French embassy in Iraq sent a letter to firebrand Moqtada Sadr cleric in which it said that France understands the protests carried against the cartoons published in different European newspapers and the misunderstandings which have created in the hearts of the Muslims world over. (Photo credit: ALI YUSSEF/AFP/Getty Images)

Thousands of Nigerian Muslims condemn cartoon drawings

Kano, NIGERIA: Thousands of Nigerian Muslims protest 10 February, 2005 in the northern city of Kano after weekly prayers on Friday to condemn cartoon drawings of the Prophet Mohammed published in European newspapers. Kano is often the scene of unrest and tensions in the sprawling trading centre have been further stoked by accusations from federal officials that the local state government is training a Jihadist militia. (Photo credit: PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP/Getty

Thousands of Moroccans protest cartoon caricatures

Rabat, MOROCCO: Thousands of Moroccans protest the September 12 publication by Denmark's Jyllands-Posten newspaper, of cartoon caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed 10 February 2006 at Rabat. Tens of thousands of Muslims, from Cairo, Istanbul and Nairobi to Kuala Lumpur and Islamabad, demonstrated Friday over the satirical images, torching flags and clashing with police, as politicians scrambled for answers to a crisis that has exposed deep ideological divisions. (Photo credit: STR/AFP/Getty)

Please, no more Imams telling us that Islam is the Religion of Peace, it rings hollow. If a man teaches his dog to be a vicious guard dog and then that dog mauls and brutalizes some poor child, it is the height of hypocrisy to blame the dog and claim that it was not the training that was at fault.

The Qur'an teaches to hate the Infidel, To kill the apostate Muslim, to tolerate no other faith or God but Allah. Jews and Christians have ignored those brutal, ancient, barbaric precepts and instructions from the Old and New Testament. We no longer take an eye for an eye nor do we stone adulterers or those who work on the Sabbath. We have become civilized.

Islam is a religion that never left the 7th century of a marauding, pillaging, raping, conquering, enslaving Caliphate. If you want to worship Allah, that is fine, but stop with the barbaric beheadings and torture and stonings - and here I do not speak of Jihadists or radical extremists but of your normal, regular, every-day Sharia.

Want people to stop hating you? Come into the 21st Century. From this day forward it will not be so easy to infiltrate the non-Muslim world. Change or you WILL be isolated.

For too long Europe and America have been the garbage pail where you could throw your disgruntled, unemployed, ignorant masses to keep peace at home. I am certain you will now see doors closing in Europe and America. You will be stuck to handle the Muslim problem on YOUR turf.

If Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other repressive, primitive cultures do not become humane and civilized then you will reap the whirlwind.

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