Kicked Off Little Green Footballs after One Comment

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A few days ago I registered an account on Little Green Footballs. One of the rules for commenting on LGF is this: "Disagreement and debate are welcome, but insults and abuse are not, and may cause your account to be blocked." So I leave this comment on an article about right wing parties in Europe:

One problem with comparing mass deportations of Muslims with a similar one done to Jews is that the notion that Jews were a danger to society was a lie. On the other hand, the notion that Muslims are a danger to society is not a lie if you live in say, France where 70% of French prisons are filled with Muslims, most of whom do not even speak French even though they were born in France. Is it racism to fear a group of people who refuse to assimilate, who despise the culture they were born in and dream of the overthrow of western civilization? That is to say, racism is hatred based on a lie, but if the hatred is based on a truth, is it still racism?

As a Jew who lost almost every single family member because of bigotry and hatred, I have to say I do fear groups like Vlaams Belang, but I fear Muslims even more. Political parties can be voted out, but how does one vote out Islam? Islam, once in cannot be gotten rid of except by mass deportations as was done in the Reconquista. So Europe can save itself by legal controlled deportations or wait until they are forced to do it with violent armed struggle.

Most of the Muslims in America I personally know are opposed to extremism and are more assimilated compared to Muslims in Europe. But it would be wrong for LGF readers who are only acquainted with American Muslims to judge European political parties that know it's a matter of time before their culture is completely obliterated.

After the creation of the State of Israel, Arab governments expelled almost three-quarters of a million Jews from Arab lands. The Jews were not a danger to their native lands, spoke Arabic, were in fact Arabic in culture and custom in all ways except for religion, yet we rarely hear anyone whining about that mass expulsion. On the other hand, we condemn those who want a mass expulsion of Muslims who are in fact a danger to their native lands. Why is that?

What happens? Charles checks my website and tells his readers: "After checking bernieg1's blog, and finding a post titled 'Perez Hilton is an Idiot Fag' and other extremist content, this bigoted creep is out of here."

Kicked off after one comment. Sure it's his football and he can make the rules, but at least follow your own rules. It is quite obvious that disagreement and debate are not tolerated on his playing field and Charles Johnson should just admit it.

Of course, if he actually read my article on Perez Hilton, he would have read that I am in favor of gays getting married and that I attacked Perez Hilton for being intolerant. I am called a bigot because I cannot stand intolerance - is that irony or what? As for "other extremist content," I see that simple disagreement even if stated off-site is enough to get you kicked off LGF.

If he keeps up like this, Charles will be running a mutual masturbation society where only those who agree with him are left to comment and stroke each other over bland, unchallenged, similar, pre-agreed-upon opinions.

So sad, what a maroon! As one of my readers told me, kicking me off is his loss.

This article is listed in the category Useful Idiot for the obvious reason.

All my readers know that they can disagree with me in the most egregious manner, and I will not ban them. If you cannot take criticism or differing opinion don't have a comment section and certainly don't be an idiot and write that you encourage debate.

Just add me to those thrown under the LGF Bus.

Just to be clear: there is absolutely nothing wrong with dis-allowing comments on your own blog. But most bloggers are at least honest in saying they do not want certain opinions to be voiced on their website, it is after all their dime. But if you write that you encourage disagreement and you do the opposite then you are a liar and a fraud.


Gates of Vienna, Glenn Beck vs. Little Green Footballs

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers, tipsters, correspondents and contributors who have stood by Gates of Vienna since the whole LGF mess started a year and a half ago.

Back then Atlas Shrugs and our blog seemed to be standing alone fighting the slurs, fabrications, distortions, and cheap shots coming from Little Green Footballs. It didn’t matter what the truth was. It didn’t matter that Charles Johnson was as mistaken about some of his “facts” as Dan Rather was about his memo. The larger blogs were unwilling to stick their necks out and risk the Wrath of the Lizard.

Thanks to Francis W. Porretto of Eternity Road for linking to this article.

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