Only the Natives Understand Islam

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In my article Islam to Blame for Barbarism Not Culture I noted that Muslims and their apologists offer many excuses for Muslim atrocities: it's not Islam at fault it is the culture, the ethnic group, the political system, the geographic area, whatever.

Now comes before us reader Nadeem who in response to my article Why Do Muslims Abuse Women? tells us that we cannot judge or comment on what is happening in Pakistan because:

Have you ever been to Pakistan? If Not then isn't it talking about a place that you don't know jack about Personally. Like you have no personal experience of what the place is like and yet you comment and make assumptions. AMAZING...

So now we have a new excuse: if you don't live there you cannot blame Islam because you cannot understand a possibly alternative reason for what in your eyes appears to be a savage, brutal atrocity. If only you visited or lived there you would readily see how wrong you are about Islam and its followers.

Well, my itinerant friend, I have traveled to many countries and hundreds and hundreds of foreign cities (1) and spoken with the natives in their own language in more than a dozen countries and I can tell you that despite all that, as educational and enlightening as the experience might have been, all that visiting and talking has exposed me to less than a tenth of one percent of our planet. I believe I have learned more about the world from reading foreign newspapers for more than 45 years than spending a few months or years abroad.

But living in Pakistan for 50 years and only in Pakistan, blinds a person to the evil under which he is living. This applies not just to Pakistanis: there are Canadians, for example, who do not know they are living under an oppressive system of government. I cannot write what I write in my blog if I were living in Canada without getting arrested and put in jail. The same for most of the rest of the world.

In countries with socialized medicine I cannot legally choose whatever medical treatment I want; I have to take whatever they deign to give me.

I have a very distant cousin living in Poland who I have tried for years to persuade to come to America, at least for a visit if not to live. His response? "What does America have that Poland does not?" Ahhh, lived all his life in Poland and completely clueless.

Most foreigners do not know how repressive their economic systems are. I have set up telecommunications operations in many parts of the world and I needed to ask government permission and in some cases pay off corrupt officials to get my operation started. In America, there is nothing that you cannot do if you have the skill and the will. In most countries I deal with I am forced to get a local partner to be at least a 50% owner in order to do business in that country, once I pass countless, pointless, ridiculous bureaucratic hurdles.

And while I personally cannot go to Pakistan for fear of my life, I have a number of friends and associates who do business there, have been there numerous times, and have even engaged in illegal activities there, and who have shared some of their insights into the country with me. In addition, I have no doubt that I have read more newspaper articles (translated into English) about Pakistan than the average Pakistani has in his lifetime.

So your complaint that I should not make a comment if I have no personal experience of the place, would limit me to a very small, tiny, teeny portion of the world. Perhaps, dear Nadeem, you would prefer infidel newspapers not to report on anything involving Muslims at all since they cannot truly understand or appreciate the cultural, ethnic, geographical aspects of the events they are reporting.

Perhaps the non-Muslim world should just turn a blind eye to the following reports because there is probably some good non-Islamic reason behind them. Please note this report is only for the past 60 days, and only what was reported ( many tens of thousands of other attacks against women and infidels go unreported), and anyway if I were forced to list every Muslim atrocity since 2000 it would constipate my server with the data overload:

List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 2 Months

2010.06.09IraqBaghdad25A husband and his wife are brutally executed in their own home by Mujahideen.
2010.06.09ThailandYala123A 5-year-old girl is murdered in a grenade attack by Islamic separatists.
2010.06.09IraqShurqat22Two Iraqis are gunned down by suspected al-Qaeda.
2010.06.09IraqMuqdadiya24A suicide bomber on a motorcycle murders two civilians.
2010.06.09SomaliaMogadishu50Five government workers are blown to bits by an Islamist roadside bomb.
2010.06.09PakistanMohmand20Two local soldiers are killed by a Taliban ambush.
2010.06.09PakistanKarachi10A Shia is shot to death by sectarian rivals.
2010.06.09AfghanistanKandahar10Religious fanatics drag a local city official from his home and murder him.
2010.06.09AfghanistanNadahan4073Forty people at a wedding are incinerated by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2010.06.08IraqKirkuk10A Christian father is murdered outside his home by Islamist gunmen.
2010.06.08PakistanQuetta10A Hindu trader is shot to death by Muslim kidnappers.
2010.06.08PakistanPunjab43Four drivers are burned to death when Mujahideen set fire to a supply convoy.
2010.06.08PakistanOrakzai68Religious fanatics storm a police checkpoint, killing six officers.
2010.06.08IraqMosul20Islamic militants gun down an unmarried couple.
2010.06.08Iraqal-Halla31Jihadis spray the inside of a vehicle with automatic weapons, taking out three civilians.
2010.06.08AfghanistanSangin10A 7-year-old boy is kidnapped and hanged by Sunni fundamentalists.
2010.06.07IraqAbu Ghraib32An imam and his family are cut down in front of their house by Religion of Peace rivals.
2010.06.07IraqBaghdad637A series of bombs packed with ball-bearings shred at least six Iraqis.
2010.06.07IraqSunidij31Three brothers are shot to death in their home by Muslim terrorists.
2010.06.07AfghanistanKandahar20An American civilian training Afghan police officers is among two killed in a Fedayeen attack.
2010.06.07AlgeriaBejaia35Fundamentalists kill three security personnel with two planted bombs.
2010.06.06ThailandPattani30Three Buddhist workers, including a woman, are shot to death by Islamic terrorists on a shrimp farm.
2010.06.06ThailandNarathiwat10A 34-year-old man is gunned down in front of his home by Muslim radicals.
2010.06.06IraqBaghdad618Six people are ripped apart by two Jihad bomb blasts.
2010.06.06AfghanistanKandahar111At least one person is killed by a Taliban roadside attack.
2010.06.05YemenMarib30An al-Qaeda ambush leaves three locals dead.
2010.06.05PakistanKhyber20Two passersby are killed in a shootout between rival Islamist groups.
2010.06.05IraqMosul20Two politicians are assassinated by Muslim terrorists in separate attacks.
2010.06.05AfghanistanKandahar115Muslim terrorists set off a bicycle bomb in front of a Red Cross office, killing a bystander.
2010.06.04PakistanDatta Khel10An elderly man is beheaded by Religion of Peace zealots.
2010.06.04DagestanMakhachkala11Muslim radicals shoot a rival imam to death in front of his mosque.
2010.06.04IraqMissan22Two Iraqis are killed when Muslim radicals rocket an airport.
2010.06.04IraqMosul24Terrorsts murder two civilians with a roadside bomb.
2010.06.04PakistanMiranshah10A civilian is captured by the Taliban and shot to death.
2010.06.04PhilippinesSumisip21Two residents are killed when Abu Sayyaf fire into a village.
2010.06.04IngushetiaMalgobek116An attack on a shop by Islamic militants leaves one person dead.
2010.06.04PhilippinesBasilan30Abu Sayyaf members kidnap and murder three villagers. The victims were manual laborers.
2010.06.04IngushetiaSagapshi221A grocery store clerk is gunned down by Islamists who plant a bomb that then kills a rescue worker.
2010.06.03TurkeyIskenderun10A Catholic bishop is stabbed to death by a Muslim who says it was Allah's will.
2010.06.03ThailandPattani10A Buddhist schoolteacher is gunned down by Religion of Peace proponents.
2010.06.03PakistanQuetta20A man murders his sister and her lover for having 'illicit relations'.
2010.06.03IraqSinjar414Four people are killed when Islamic fundamentalist bombers target and liquor stores.
2010.06.03SomaliaMogadishu25Two Uganadan peacekeepers are murdered by al-Shabaab terrorists.
2010.06.03PakistanSahiwal03A pastor and his pregnant wife are brutally assaulted by angry Muslims accusing them of evangelism.
2010.06.03IraqAbu Ghraib80Eight victims of a Shiite death squad are found in a mass grave.
2010.06.02AfghanistanNawzad40Two young boys are among four civilians taken out by Islamist roadside bomb.
2010.06.02AfghanistanMarjah40Four civilians are killed in their home during a Taliban ambush on a security patrol.
2010.06.02IraqMosul10Islamic militants kidnap a local soldier and slit his throat.
2010.06.02IraqAbu Ghraib13A Jihad bomb blast leaves one Iraqi dead.
2010.06.01PakistanKarachi10A Shia is brutally shot to death in a sectarian attack.
2010.06.01PakistanMuslimabad20A woman and her new husband are murdered by her former in-laws in an honor killing.
2010.06.01IraqMosul31Mujahid successfully kill three Iraqis with an incendiary bomb.
2010.06.01PakistanMohmand30Three civilians are gunned down by Taliban militants.
2010.05.31IraqBaghdad210Jihadis gun down a man sitting in a cafe and successfully kill a civilian in a separate bomb attack.
2010.05.31PakistanLahore66Six people are killed when Islamic militants storm a hospital.
2010.05.31PakistanQuetta20A prayer leader and his companion are murdered by sectarian rivals.
2010.05.31IngushetiaMalgobek12Islamic militants kill an off-duty policeman at a gas station.
2010.05.31JordanAmman10A 20-year-old woman is stabbed to death by her older brother in an honor killing.
2010.05.30AfghanistanKhost1923A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out nearly twenty local recruits.
2010.05.30IraqMosul13One civilian is killed in a shooting attack by Muslim radicals.
2010.05.30ThailandPattani10A 50-year-old Buddhist is shot to death by four Muslims while sitting in a tea shop.
2010.05.30AfghanistanBadakhshan71Taliban fundamentalists murder seven local cops with a roadside bomb.
2010.05.29DagestanKaspiysk12Islamic militants send a police officer to Allah with a roadside bomb.
2010.05.29IraqMosul20Terrorists gun down a farmer and his son in their field.
2010.05.29PakistanLahore31Three police officers are cut down by Islamic gunmen at a checkpoint.
2010.05.28PakistanKarachi10One person is killed when rival Islamic sects clash.
2010.05.28PakistanLahore98110Orthodox Sunni terrorists stage a bloody grenade and firearms assault on two mosques belonging to a minority sect. Nearly one hundred worshippers are murdered.
2010.05.28PakistanFaisalabad05Muslims fire into a Christian community, hitting five innocents.
2010.05.28SomaliaMogadishu31Two children are among three civilians blown to bits by Islamic milita bombers.
2010.05.28PakistanQuetta40Lashkar-e-Jhangvi gunmen take down four policemen at point-blank range.
2010.05.27IraqMosul111Mujahid gun down a civilian and mortar a factory, woulding eleven people.
2010.05.27PakistanBajur31A married couple and their son are brutally gunned down in their home by Islamic fundamentalists.
2010.05.26PakistanLahore10Terrorists murder a lawyer outside a courthouse with a grenade.
2010.05.26SomaliaMogadishu620Six people are counted dead following an al-Shabaab militia attack around a city square.
2010.05.26IraqMosul30Three policemen are murdered by Mujahideen.
2010.05.26ThailandYala252Islamic militants set off a bomb in front of a car dealership, killing two people.
2010.05.26RussiaStarvropol740Two young girls are among seven killed when terrorists bomb a concert hall.
2010.05.25PhilippinesTalipao33Three members of a family are blown apart, when Abu Sayyaf members throw a grenade into their home.
2010.05.25IraqBaghdad153al-Qaeda radicals gundown fifteen people working at a gold market.
2010.05.24AfghanistanFaryab12Taliban terrorists assassinate an Afghan elder and peace advocate.
2010.05.24AfghanistanKhost60Six residents of a small village are shot to death in cold blood by Islamic fundamentalists.
2010.05.24IraqMosul21Religious extremists assassinate a secular lawmaker and his driver.
2010.05.24PakistanQuetta215Women and children are among the casualties when Sunni bombers target a Shia scholar.
2010.05.24IraqRamadi10Jihadis kill a young man with a bomb planted outside his kitchen.
2010.05.24AfghanistanFarah58Five civilians riding a bus are blown to bits by Taliban bombers.
2010.05.24IraqMosul10An elderly woman is murdered inside her home by Mujahideen.
2010.05.23IndiaSopore10Islamic militants are suspected in the murder of a local official.
2010.05.23NigeriaJos20Two Christians are hacked to death with machetes by passing Muslims.
2010.05.22PakistanFATA10A tribesman, abducted the Taliban, is found dead.
2010.05.22RussiaProkladnyi30Two women and one man are gunned down in cold blood by suspected Islamic insurgents.
2010.05.22PakistanBaizai13A member of a peace committee is murdered in an Islamist ambush.
2010.05.22SomaliaMogadishu2055Twenty civilians are crushed and dismembered during an Islamic mortar attack.
2010.05.22ThailandNarathiwat20Two civilians are shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2010.05.22ThailandYala20Two women, one of whom was pregnance, are murdered in cold blood by Mujahid gunmen.
2010.05.22IraqMosul24Two Iraqis are taken out in a bomb blast.
2010.05.21IraqDiyala3569A Fedayeen drives an explosives-laden minibus into a crowd of shoppers and cafe patrons.
2010.05.21SomaliaMogadishu35Three civilians are killed during an al-Shabaab attack.
2010.05.21PakistanMir Ali10Hardliners abduct and murder a local tribesman.
2010.05.21IraqMuqdadiya41Mujahideen invade a home and shoot four family members to death.
2010.05.21ThailandPattani10Holy Warriors shoot a Buddhist nurse in the head as she is riding to work.
2010.05.20ThailandYala10A Buddhist woman is gunned down in her grocery story by Muslim terrorists.
2010.05.20ThailandNarathiwat10Muslim gunmen murder a 56-year-old villager.
2010.05.20PakistanNorth Waziristan20The Taliban strap explosives to two civilians and detonate them in a public execution.
2010.05.20IraqMosul38A Shahid suicide bomber takes out three Iraqis.
2010.05.19AlgeriaBoumerdes218An al-Qaeda roadside blast takes out two local soldiers.
2010.05.19ThailandYala10A 46-year-old civilian is shot and then set on fire by Religion of Peace separatists.
2010.05.19RussiaDagestan30Muslim radicals gun down two local cops and kill a third with a bomb in neighboring Chechnya.
2010.05.19IraqMosul21Mujahideen gun down two local soldiers at a checkpoint.
2010.05.19IraqMussayab619Six people at a restaurant are blown to bits by Islamic bombers.
2010.05.19PhilippinesBasilan22Abu Sayyaf militants ambush and kill two policemen.
2010.05.19SomaliaMogadishu10An African peacekeeper is taken out by an Islamist bomb.
2010.05.19SomaliaMogadishu20Two children are killed when Islamic militia fire a mortar into their home.
2010.05.18AfghanistanKabul1847At least eighteen people are massacred by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2010.05.18IndiaPoonch23Two Indian soldiers are murdered in a Jihad ambush.
2010.05.18IraqYathrib21Islamic terrorists blow up two Iraqi women in their home.
2010.05.18PakistanDera Ismail Khan1417A bicycle bomber blasts fourteen souls to Allah, including a small girl.
2010.05.18AfghanistanKabul19A Taliban rocket attack kills a US citizen.
2010.05.17ThailandYala10A Buddhist school administrator is murdered by Muslim assassins on his way to work.
2010.05.17ThailandPattani10Three Muslims shoot a Buddhist public works official to death.
2010.05.17PakistanTank10A pro-government tribal elder is murdered by Islamists on his way home.
2010.05.17Iraqal-Bushaneen10A cleric is shot to death in front of his family by Muslim radicals.
2010.05.17IraqSadiyah10al-Qaeda behead a rival cleric and hang his head from a utility pole.
2010.05.16AfghanistanKandahar10Muslim gunmen on a motorcycle murder a man sitting in his car.
2010.05.16AfghanistanKunar30A pro-peace cleric is gunned down along with two family members by Islamic hardliners.
2010.05.16AfghanistanHeart22Two Italian peacekeepers succumb to injuries from a roadside bombing.
2010.05.16SomaliaMogadishu1631Sixteen civilians are killed during a vicious mortar attack by Islamic militia.
2010.05.15AfghanistanKhost40The Taliban kidnap and brutally slaughter four Afghan members of a wedding party, including the groom.
2010.05.15YemenHibailin12Suspected al-Qaeda assassinate a guard.
2010.05.15IraqMosul30A child, shepherd and mosque official are killed in separate Mujahid attacks.
2010.05.14IndiaSrinagar15One officer is killed when Islamists hurl a grenade toward a group of local cops.
2010.05.14IndiaHyderabad10Tehreek Galba-e-Islam terrorists on a motorcycle gun down a cop.
2010.05.14IraqMosul10A tailor who makes military uniforms is shot to death by Mujahideen.
2010.05.14IraqBaghdad48Four people are killed when terrorists detonate a bomb at a park.
2010.05.14IraqJbala020Twenty Shias are injured when rivals blow up their mosque.
2010.05.14ThailandNarathiwat10Islamists shoot a public health official six times in the chest and head.
2010.05.14IraqTal Afar25108Muslim terrorists stage a huge suicide bombing on a soccer game, leaving at least two dozen spectators dead.
2010.05.14AfghanistanGhazni50Five private security guards are murdered in a Muslim ambush.
2010.05.13DagestanMakhachkala84Eight workers on their way to repair a cell phone tower are blown to bits by Islamic bombers.
2010.05.13PakistanKarachi10A child is shot dead in a suspected sectarian attack.
2010.05.13IraqBaghdad512Five Iraqis are sent to paradise by Mujahideen bombers.
2010.05.12PakistanPeshawar33Islamic bombers send three seminary students to Allah.
2010.05.12AfghanistanUruzgan30A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out three local cops.
2010.05.12AfghanistanKandahar10Islamic militants claim credit for the targeted assassination of a prison official.
2010.05.12PakistanChaman22A teenager is among two killed when Muslim extremists blow up a tanker truck.
2010.05.12IraqBaghdad939Nine Iraqis are brought down by two terrorist bombings.
2010.05.12PakistanNorth Waziristan20Tehreek-e-Taliban members kidnap and shoot two civilians to death.
2010.05.12SomaliaMogadishu15An al-Shabaab bombing leaves one person dead.
2010.05.12IraqBaghdad722Jihadis detonate a bomb outside a caf´┐Ż, murdering seven patrons.
2010.05.11IraqBaghdad516A Christian community may have been the target of a double bombing that leaves five dead.
2010.05.11AfghanistanKandahar10Islamic hardliners shoot a civilian to death inside his home.
2010.05.10PakistanOrakzai95Islamic fundamentalists attack a local army post, killing nine defenders.
2010.05.10IraqBaghdad114350Suicide bombings at a textiles factory and a wave of other terror attacks on Iraqis, including at marketplaces and mosques, leave over one-hundred dead.
2010.05.10PakistanKarachi10A Shia doctor and father of two is gunned down in a sectarian attack.
2010.05.09PhilippinesCotabato19Militant Muslims are suspected of tossing a grenade into a rival mosque, leaving at least one dead.
2010.05.09IraqMosul10An elderly man is shot to death in front of his home by terrorists.
2010.05.09IraqTehran50The Islamic Republic executes five political prisoners, calling them 'enemies of Allah.'
2010.05.09IndiaGanderbal10Hizb-ul-Mujahideen murder the young brother of a former militant in his home in revenge for his leaving.
2010.05.08AfghanistanHerat40Talibanis behead four Afghans.
2010.05.08IraqMosul32A woman is among three people gunned down in separate Mujahideen attacks.
2010.05.08IraqAmirli35A mother and her son are among three killed when Islamic terrorists plant a bomb in a home.
2010.05.07IraqRashad34Three Iraqis are taken down in a suspected al-Qaeda ambush.
2010.05.07SomaliaShabelle410Four hospital guards are shot dead by Hizbul Islam members while working their post.
2010.05.07DagestanDerbent15A woman standing on a railway platform is shredded by a Jihad bomb.
2010.05.07IraqMosul10A 16-year-old boy dies from gunshot wounds to the head, suffered during an Ansar al-Islam kidnapping.
2010.05.07PakistanGhazi Kot41Religious extremists machine-gun four local cops taking shelter from the rain inside a shed.
2010.05.06PakistanCantt10A civilian is murdered by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2010.05.06PakistanBahawalnagar10A 15-year-old teenager dies from shrapnel injuries after militants throw a grenade into his home.
2010.05.06IndiaRafiabad20Two security personnel are killed when Mujahid open fire on them from a house.
2010.05.06IraqBaghdad24Jihadi bombers take down two locals at a town square.
2010.05.06ThailandYala10A 52-year-old man is shot to death by Mujahideen while sitting in this truck
2010.05.05AfghanistanNimruz415A woman is among four Afghans murdered by a Fedayeen assault on a government building.
2010.05.05SomaliaMogadishu10An anti-Islamist journalist is kidnapped and slain by his abductors.
2010.05.05IraqMosul10A college student is kidnapped and murdered by Ansar al-Islam.
2010.05.05IraqAmeriya40Four people, including a rival imam are murdered by Sunni gunmen.
2010.05.05IraqMosul21Islamic terrorists gun down two Iraqis in cold blood.
2010.05.04SomaliaHawa Abdi10A man is assassinated by Islamic gunmen as he leaves a mosque.
2010.05.04SomaliaXarardheere10Islamists pull a 57-year-old Christian father of three from his home and execute him for running an underground church.
2010.05.04IraqMosul30Freedom fighters gun down a pharmacist, woman, and rival imam in separate attacks.
2010.05.04AfghanistanKunduz30Three civilians are captured and executed by the Taliban.
2010.05.03IraqSharqat24Jihadi bombers take down two Iraqis.
2010.05.03IraqKirkuk00An accused sorcerer is shot to death outside his home.
2010.05.03AfghanistanKhost12A civilian is blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2010.05.02IraqMosul4171Four people are killed, and over one-hundred injured when Islamic bombers target buses carrying young Christian students.
2010.05.02PakistanSwat13A young woman is killed when religious extremists throw a grenade into her home.
2010.05.02AfghanistanPaktia814Religion of Peace hardliners massacre a busload of women and children with a roadside bomb.
2010.05.02SomaliaKismayo212Two people are killed when Muslim terrorists toss a grenade into a rival mosque.
2010.05.01IraqBaghdad32Three Iraqis are killed by a car bomb.
2010.05.01SomaliaMogadishu4570Forty-five people die from shrapnel and burn injuries when Islamists bomb a rival mosque.
2010.05.01RussiaNalchik129Muslim radicals set off a bomb at a race track, killing an elderly veteran of World War II.
2010.05.01PakistanSwat312Three innocents are incinerated by a suicide bomber at a shop.
2010.05.01IraqMosul10Sectarian Jihadis gun down a teacher leaving a mosque.
2010.04.30IndiaBatamaloo10Angry Muslims stone an innocent civilian to death over the cancellation of a religious march.
2010.04.30FranceStrasbourg01A Jewish man is stabbed in the neck and hit in the face with an iron bar by a Muslim yelling about a Zionist conspiracy.
2010.04.30PakistanKarachi15Islamists murder a civilian with a bomb attached to a motorcycle.
2010.04.30PakistanKaram Kot10The body of a brutally slain intelligence officer is found three weeks after being kidnapped.
2010.04.30IraqGarma310Three patrons are killed when Islamic militants toss a bomb into a marketplace.
2010.04.29DagestanKazbekovsky217Two local cops are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2010.04.29SomaliaEl Bahay610Six people are taken out by an al-Shabaab attack on a village.
2010.04.29IraqBaghdad820Suspected fundamentalists bomb a liquor store, killing eight civilians.
2010.04.29IraqBaghdad10A car bomb at a rival mosque leaves one dead.
2010.04.28PakistanQuetta10A Christian man is gunned down by suspected Muslim militants as he is washing a car.
2010.04.28ThailandPattani12A 41-year-old female health volunteer is shot in the head by Muslim rebels.
2010.04.28YemenDamaj40Shiite rebels kill four people in two separate attacks.
2010.04.28IraqBaghdad618Jihadi bombers manage to take down six Iraqis along a city street.
2010.04.28AfghanistanKhost120Islamic hardliners murder a dozen civilians, mostly women and children, with a roadside bomb.
2010.04.28PakistanPeshawar415A Shahid suicide car bomber plows into a group of Pakistanis, killing at least four.
2010.04.27IraqBaghdad212Two local soldiers are killed when Jihadis fire mortars from a residential neighborhood.
2010.04.27IraqBaghdad42A family of four is obliterated by sectarian bombers.
2010.04.27SomaliaMogadishu28Islamists attack a rival mosque, killing two.
2010.04.27AfghanistanKandahar335A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends three airport workers to Allah.
2010.04.27SomaliaAfgoi00A respected humanitarian worker is shot to death by suspected Hizbul Islam.
2010.04.27IraqKirkuk11Jihadis take down a student in a drive-by attack.
2010.04.26AfghanistanKunduz34Three people die from a Taliban rocket attack.
2010.04.26IndiaBudgam11Islamic militants gun down a local cop.
2010.04.26IraqFallujah32Three Iraqis are taken out by Jihadi bombers.
2010.04.26IraqBaqubah27Two people are murdered in separate Mujahideen bomb blasts.
2010.04.25ThailandPattani14Islamists fire on a garbage truck, killing one worker.
2010.04.25AfghanistanZabul412A suicide bomber detonates at a bazaar, blowing four innocents straight to Allah.
2010.04.24PakistanAkwal31Three guards are gunned down when Taliban terrorists attack NATO tankers.
2010.04.24NigeriaJos50Three Christians stabbed to death and two others hacked to pieces with machetes by a Muslim mob.
2010.04.24IraqBaghdad319Jihadis bomb a marketplace, taking down three Iraqis.
2010.04.24IraqMosul30Two civilians and one defense volunteer are gunned down by Muslim militants.
2010.04.24SomaliaMogadishu22al-Shabaab Islamists kill two government soldiers with a landmine.
2010.04.23IraqBaghdad69303Devoted Sunnis slaughter seventy Shiite Iraqis in at least five deadly bomb blasts at mosques, homes and a shopping district.
2010.04.23PakistanDatta Khel716Religious extremists ambush a Pakistani military convoy, killing seven.
2010.04.23PakistanMiranshah40Four captives are butchered by Islamic hardliners, two of whom are beheaded.
2010.04.22PakistanCharsadda40The Taliban spray a car with automatic weapons, slaying the four occupants.
2010.04.22IraqSouz13Terrorists set off a bomb at a home, killing a resident.
2010.04.22ThailandNarathiwat10A young man is gunned down by Muslim radicals at a nightclub.
2010.04.21IndiaJammu10Mujahideen shoot an Indian police officer to death.
2010.04.21ThailandPattani252An Islamic insurgent throws a grenade into a group of policemen.
2010.04.21SomaliaMogadishu50Five construction workers are kidnapped and beheaded by Islamic fundamentalists.
2010.04.21IraqBaqubah314Jihadis bomb a restaurant near a school, a teacher and student are among three who die from shrapnel.
2010.04.21PakistanKhyber14A woman is killed, and her four children injured, by mortar shell fired by suspected militants.
2010.04.21ThailandPattani10A 56-year-old man is murdered by Muslim gunmen.
2010.04.21ThailandNarathiwat10Islamists shoot a 20-year-old man to death in his home.
2010.04.21PakistanSargodha11Two young Christian brothers (ages 12 and 14) are beaten with an iron rod by a Muslim yelling religious slurs. One dies.
2010.04.21IraqBaghdad20Two victims of sectarian violence are found dead.
2010.04.20IraqTarmiyah50Three young children are beheaded along with two women in a home by suspected al-Qaeda.
2010.04.20PakistanHangu412Four locals are blown to bits by Sunni bombers.
2010.04.20IraqHit30Three Iraqis are murdered by a roadside bomb.
2010.04.20DagestanMakhachkala30Islamic militants ambush two policemen with automatic weapons.
2010.04.19AfghanistanKandahar34Three children are brutally killed when Islamists set off a bomb hidden in a donkey cart.
2010.04.19PakistanPeshawar115A young boy is killed when a Fedayeen suicide bomber attacks a school.
2010.04.19AfghanistanKandahar10A popular politician is assassinated by hardliners at a mosque.
2010.04.19PakistanPeshawar2548About two dozen patrons at a market are sent to Allah by a Holy Warrior in a suicide vest.
2010.04.19NigeriaRiyom40Four Christian farmers are murdered in their field by Muslim terrorists.
2010.04.19IraqBaqubah22Jihadi bombers take down two civilians.
2010.04.19PakistanSwat23Two villagers sitting outside a shop are gunned down by Mujahideen.
2010.04.19PakistanLandikotal11Islamists send a mortar into a school principal's home, killing a woman and injuring her daughter.
2010.04.19AfghanistanKabul26A suicide bomber kills two soldiers at their base.
2010.04.18IraqBartala10A member of the Shabak religious minority is kidnapped and murdered.
2010.04.18PakistanPeshawar726A child is among seven people blown into pieces by a Shahid car bomber.
2010.04.18IraqMosul40Three women are among four civilians shot to death in their home by Mujahideen.
2010.04.18SomaliaMogadishu1624Islamists murder sixteen people with a landmine and mortar attack on an airport.
2010.04.18IranUrmiye Prison20The Islamic republic tortures to Kurdish prisoners to death on the same day.
2010.04.17IraqBasra12Islamists gun down a woman and injure her husband and son.
2010.04.17PakistanKohat4162Two suicide bombers, dressed in burqas, blow up forty-one refugees lining up for food at a displaced persons camp.
2010.04.16PakistanQuetta1035A suicidal Sunni detonates in a crowd of Shia protesters outside a hospital, sending at least ten to Allah.
2010.04.16IraqBaaj20Islamists kidnap two men and shoot them in the back of the head.
2010.04.15ThailandPattani21Muslim militants shoot three people, including a pork vendor.
2010.04.15AfghanistanKandahar616A half dozen innocents are sent to Allah by Shahid suicide bomber.
2010.04.15YemenShabwa21Separate al-Qaeda bomb blasts leave two people dead.
2010.04.15PakistanMingora20Teenage Talibanis gun down two people in broad daylight.
2010.04.15IraqSamarrah140The bodies of fourteen kidnapping victims of a Sunni terror group are found in a mass grave.
2010.04.15NigeriaBoto20A Christian pastor and his wife are abducted by Muslims and burned to a crisp.
2010.04.15TurkeyIstanbul10An entire family is involved in the 'honor' suffocation of a 2-day-old out-of-wedlock infant.
2010.04.15IraqMosul40Three women are among four civilians shot to death in their own home by Mujahideen.
2010.04.14ThailandNarathiwat10Islamic radicals murder a village defense volunteer by slashing the back of his head and letting him bleed to death.
2010.04.14IndonesiaJarkata3156Muslims enraged by a rumor of a revered scholar's tomb desecration attack security forces, hacking at least three to death.
2010.04.14IraqBaghdad26A Sunni cleric is cut down by Religion of Peace rivals outside his mosque. A separate al-Qaeda attack leaves another Iraqi dead.
2010.04.14USAMarquette Park, IL52After quarrelling with his wife over Islamic dress, a Muslim convert shoots his family members to 'take them back to Allah' and out of the 'world of sinners'.
2010.04.14IraqMosul20A nurse is among two civilians gunned down by Islamic terrorists.
2010.04.13PhilippinesIsabela97Abu Sayyaf terrorists disguised as policemen attack a Christian town, shooting and blasting nine people to death and destroying a Catholic church.
2010.04.13AfghanistanKandahar10An 18-year-old woman is brutally shot to death by an Islamic fundamentalist.
2010.04.13IraqBaghdad35Suspected fundamentalists plant a shrapnel bomb at a liquor store shredding three patrons.
2010.04.13PakistanSargodha01A Christian barber is badly beaten and sodomized by an angry mob for cutting a Muslim's beard (per request).
2010.04.12AfghanistanFaryab42Four police officers are murdered by Taliban bombers.
2010.04.12SomaliaMogadishu610Six Somalis are destroyed by coordinated al-Shabaab bombings.
2010.04.12IraqBaghdad512A Fedayeen detonates along a city street, killing five innocents.
2010.04.12IraqMosul315Three Iraqis are taken out by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2010.04.12SomaliaMogadishu10A university student is killed when Islamic militia mortar an airport.
2010.04.12AfghanistanKabul34Three women die from trauma suffered during a Sunni mortar attack.

Oh, and before you try to excuse the attacks in Iraq saying that it's all because we invaded the country, please be advised that if I listed Muslim atrocities in Iraq before the US invaded there would have been even more listings. The US presence has saved hundreds of thousands of lives in Iraq. Be grateful.

But be straight with me here, Nadeem, even without personally visiting every single one of the cities above, shouldn't this tiny glimpse of things Islamic give me some reason to make certain assumptions about Islam? Eh? Shouldn't I be able to know that there is a lot of sand in Saudi Arabia without getting on a camel and trekking across the desert?



I have traveled to Germany (East & West) 7 times, France 8 times, UK 3 times, Denmark once, Luxembourg 3 times, Iceland 4 times, Spain once, Greece 10 times, Yugoslavia 4 times, Poland 3 times, Hungary 6 times, Romania once, Israel 3 times, India twice, Italy 11 times, Monaco 4 times, Ireland once, Belgium 6 times, the Netherlands 8 times, Switzerland 4 times, Czechoslovakia 6 times, Austria 6 times, Bulgaria once, Turkey twice, Russia twice, Belarus once, a few Caribbean countries a number of times, and visited more than a few hundred foreign cities.

### End of my article ###

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