Two thirds of Britons think UK has immigration problem

Islamic  immigration

While it is true that in a recent survey two-thirds of Britons say that their country has an immigration problem (1); there's a joke going around that the other one-third of respondents could not answer the survey because they spoke no English.

Last November, when he was still UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown gave a speech that I wish Obama would give; he told migrants they must accept the responsibilities that come with living in the country: "obeying the law, speaking English, and making a contribution.” (2) Well, the Obama faithful would certainly find those responsibilities particularly racist and just so Arizonian.

So why are Britons so anti-immigrant? Simple answer of course and the same reason that almost all European countries are re-thinking their immigration policies: Muslims.

They come into Europe and the UK, do not bother to learn the language of their host country, demand social services, refuse to integrate, will not assimilate, are responsible for most of the crimes, and are the most violent of criminals in the prisons (3).

Before any reader tries to put forward the argument that these complaints against Muslims sound very much like anti-Semitic chatter from the 1930s, let me point out that 99.99% of all anti-Jewish complaints circulating Europe in the last century were fabrications and lies. The complaints against Muslims in the present day are all true. The problem with Jews was not that they stayed in their own enclaves and refused to assimilate but that Jews excelled and assimilated too well in their host countries. The majority of scientists, doctors, financiers in Europe in the last century were Jews. Germany lost its preeminence in science when it got rid of its Jews.

The evil motivating anti-Jewish hatred was simple envy. Certainly no one in the world envies Muslims. If Europeans and Britons are anti-immigrant and xenophobic then it is the fault of Muslims who made them so.

Sadly, Muslims will never integrate into western societies because they view those societies as decadent and inconsistent with Islamic values. Muslims will never assimilate into western cultures because they cannot adapt to a way of life that is completely alien to their own. They will never learn the host country's language because there is no incentive to do so. Their ghettos are self-contained and off-limits to infidels. A Muslim does not need to know English or French to rape, rob and kill a young British or French girl.

Here's something interesting: The French have the strongest policy in relation to Muslim integration than any country in the world. Would it surprise you to learn that despite that effort the majority of Muslims born in France do not even speak French? (4)

Islam is already the number two religion in France and, unless the world does the right thing, will soon be the main religion in most of Europe. It will be interesting to see what language the citizens of France, Sweden, the UK and Holland, et al will be speaking once Muslims are in the majority.



Immigration Matters, 7 Dec 2009, Two thirds of Britons think UK has immigration problem, says survey

The Guardian reports that the British are the only people in Western Europe who want immigration controls at the national rather than the European level, whilst at the same time having little confidence in the UK authorities’ handling of the issue, according to a survey of eight countries.

The poll suggests the British are more anti-immigrant and xenophobic than the rest of Western Europe – preferring a Fortress UK policy, blaming immigrants for unemployment, and split over whether to grant them equal social benefits.


More Britons than anyone else (47% against a 27% European average) wanted to deny legal immigrants equal social benefits; more Britons than anyone else (44% against an average 24%) favoured reinforcing border controls to combat illegal immigration...


Immigration Matters, 13 Nov 2009, Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s speech on immigration

Gordon Brown has announced new measures for controlling immigration including reducing the number of professions which can recruit from outside Europe.


He also promised to make it harder for illegal workers to enter the UK by obtaining student visas.


In his first major speech on immigration since February 2008, the Prime Minister focused on the importance of getting British workers rather than migrant workers to fill skills gaps where possible.

Mr Brown emphasised that migrants must “accept the responsibilities that come with living in the United Kingdom – obeying the law, speaking English, and making a contribution”.

He also talked about new measures to tighten entry under the points-based system.


Planck's Constant, How Many Muslims are there in Prisons?

UPI reported that there are too many Muslims in a high-security prison in the UK, almost 33% of the prison population 1; ten times their 3% representation among the general population.


In France, almost 70% of the prisons are filled with Muslims although only 12% of the population is Muslim. In the Netherlands and Belgium Muslims also fill their prisons with disproportionate numbers...


Planck's Constant, Hispanics Can Be Republicans

... many Muslims born and bred in France cannot speak a word of French, do not consider themselves French but see themselves as Muslims first, then as Moroccans, Algerians, Turks, Tunisians, Senegalese, etc., second and not at all French even third. France has more than 6 millions Muslims yet 58% of them do not consider themselves French but rather as Muslims first.

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