Muslims Will Say Anything

Pan with a goat, statue from Villa dei Papiri, Herculaneum.
Pan with a goat, statue from Villa dei Papiri, Herculaneum.
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In my article Is Muhammad Mentioned by Name in the Hebrew Bible? I showed that it is absurd to believe that Mohammed is mentioned by name in the Song Of Song because the Hebrew word for delight sounds close to the Arabic name Mohammed.

Instead of quietly admitting defeat and slinking away, Shahzeb left a comment insisting that if the Jews had not altered the text that "there would not had been these arguments about which book is from Allah or what is the true message."

It is quite astonishing that Muslims are so desperate to authenticate Mohammed as the final prophet in a long line of prophets in the Torah, that they are willing to "find" his name in an erotic poem where breasts and thighs are adored and desired. Have they no shame?

I am surprised that Muslims have not claimed that even the ancient Greeks believed in the coming of Mohammed. In the photo above we see a statue of the mythological satyr Pan using a goat for sex. But would it be far-fetched for a Muslim to insist that it is Mohammed shagging the goat, not some creature called Pan? After all, Pan has been described as radiant and ruddy, and haven't Islamic exegetists already told us that Mohammed was radiant and ruddy? (1)

Since Islam makes it impossible for Muslim men to have sex unless they are married, sex with goats is a favorite pastime with horny Muslims. Get it, horny, like Pan? See my article on Saudi Arabia holding its first 'beautiful goat' pageant.

So here's the deal Shahzeb: tell me that you believe it is Mohammed in that statue and I'll concede the point - yes, I believe the Greeks did indeed foretell the coming of Mohammed in that statue.

This reminds me of an old Muslim joke:

Mullah Nasruddin and Rabbi Moishe were traveling through the desert.

It was so hot that the air was shimmering. In the distance they saw something black on the ground.

Rabbi Moishe said, "It's a vulture."

Mullah Nasruddin said, "No, it's a goat."

They drew closer, still arguing over what it was. Rabbi Moishe threw a rock at it. It flapped its wings and lifted into the air.

"See!" said Rabbi Moishe. "I told you it was a vulture."

"That doesn't prove anything," Mullah Nasruddin replied. "It could be a goat with wings."

Ah, Muslims. Instead of admitting they are wrong, they will say anything.

This article available in Danish here.



Imam Reza (A.S.) Network, Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) Foretold in the Bible

The word “white/radiant” does not signify some spiritless, morbid, or deadly whitish colour. It rather stands for brightness, brilliance, and beauty of the countenance and sound health. The word “ruddy” means “to show blood (in the face), i.e. flush or turn rosy: be red”. The combination of both these words, i.e. “white and ruddy” depicts a comely figure of healthiness, strength, beauty and brightness. It reflects the exact features of the Prophet of Islām.

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