Allah is a Graffiti Artist

a rock in prostration to God
A Rock in Prostration to God
Photo Credit: Miracles of Islam

In response to my article Muslim Humor - Muslim Jokes, a Muslim reader from Luton in the United Kingdom left this comment:

All you guys that don't believe in islam, how do you exlain the arabic writing from the Qur'an that changes that was on a muslim baby? how about the trees in germany that read 'there is no God but Allah, Mohammed is his messenger'? these are 100% natural so nothing other than God couldv'e done this. there is a tree in a pryer position, clouds form Allah's name, oceans form it, ice caps on the mountains form it. Allah's name is even on Africa, and if you don't believe google it. there is a rock in sajdah position: all of the miracles can be found on this website, so if you don't believe me check it out.

The sajdah position is when one is in prostration to God in the direction of the Kaaba at Mecca. See photo above right.

Here are some of the miracles Sima is talking about:

allah in cactus

A Plant Fashions itself to Display the Name of Allah.

allah in cactus

Allah's Name Written by the Clouds.

allah in cactus

Allah's Name Written on an egg. I know what you're thinking, this has got to be a Muslim yoke.

There are many more examples at the website Sima cites. It seems Allah goes around tagging eggs, oceans, mountain tops, trees, and so on. Such a busy graffiti artist.

Now me, I am an atheist. However I may start believing in Priapos, the Greek God of Fertility, once I saw this:

allah in cactus

If a cactus spelling out Allah is proof of the existence of Islam's God, then this penis tree is surely proof that Priapos not only exists but swings a bigger dick.

Muslims sure say the silliest things - This is the third second installment in my series Muslims Are Funny.

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