Allah has truly Blessed Me

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In response to my article 13 Christmas Gifts for our Muslim Friends, reader ALIM from India left these kind wishes for my health and happiness:

Dear muslims or anyone who reads this,

I have read below many massages and found people are making themself happy after abusing bernie or his family members, similarly bernie is also getting happiness and a way to spend time in this bad world.

Please pray bernie and his family to become rich so that he will spend time in working and not sitting with a bottle of alcohol in front of the internet. (aameen)

I responded:

Allah has blessed me with riches both in material wealth and family wealth. I live in a home that is larger than 99.9% of the homes in the world; as well I have children that are the envy of every parent who knows them: smart, polite, decent, and moral. Truly, Allah has rewarded me greatly. And since 99.99% of the Muslims in this world live in poverty, filth, and disease, I must take it that He approves of my actions and beliefs and scorns those of Muslims.

Let's extrapolate this to the rest of America, the greatest and most powerful nation among the infidels. Although Americans are only 4.5% of the world's population, we own 38.94% of the world's financial assets, almost 3 times as much as the second wealthiest country, Japan, which owns 13.71%. (1)

So truly, Allah has rewarded America greatly. And since 99% of the Muslim countries of the world live in poverty, filth, and disease, I must take it that Allah has blessed the United States and cursed those nations ruled under Islam.

As for those Muslim countries with oil, that is a blessing not from Allah but from America whose engineers found, developed and exploited the riches of the Earth for the benefit of Muslims. All that modern Islamic nations have, is thanks to American benevolence. If Muslims wish to be happy, wealthy , and prosperous, they need to pray to America for its continued good will and generosity.



Huffington Post, 25 May 2011, The 11 Wealthiest Countries In The World By Financial Assets

Financial Assets Global Share:

USA 38.94%
Japan 13.71%
Germany 5.68%
UK 5.68%
France 4.66%
Italy 4.28%
China 4.13%
Canada 2.46%
Spain 2.13%
Australia 1.85%
Netherlands 1.85%

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