From Dusk Till Dawn and Salma Hayek Snake Dance

From Dusk Till Dawn and Salma Hayek Snake Dance
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A few months ago, Constant reader M.H. sent me a most marvelous photo of Mary-Louise Parker and Snake. Although M.H. enjoys reading my blog he says he shares my obsession of women with snakes.

I don't know if I would call it an obsession, I've only put out 10 posts on Women and Snakes out of 2605 articles published over the course of 6 years. In contrast, I have written more than 8 times as many articles in the category Muslim Jokes, so that might indeed be an obsession.

One could say I get more thrills ridiculing Muslims and their faux religion than enjoying the display of a snake wrapping itself around a nearly naked young woman (keywords to lure Muslims to my website).

But back to reader M.H. Today he sent me a link to the following video of Salma Hayek's sexy, undulating, slithering Snake Dance from the Tarantino horror crime action thriller From Dusk till Dawn:

YouTube, Salma Hayek Snake Dance

It has become a commonplace for devout Muslims to burn down churches, but the second most favorite bonfire is the torching of movie theaters to prevent the local populace from enjoying themselves with corrupting infidel entertainment; so to those of my readers who enjoy Hollywood films, I say you are very lucky - your grandchildren will most likely not ever get to see films with almost nude sexy young women (more keywords to lure Muslims to my website) once Muslims become a significant portion of our population.

Enjoy, my dear reader, the freedoms you still have.

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