Do Blacks Walk Slower than Other Folks?

slow-walking blacks

If you are a visitor who cannot stand blacks being criticized then I suggest you stop reading now. If you believe that reprinting articles that are derogatory of blacks is racist, then please save yourself the trouble of leaving a useless comment that does not advance the discussion if it matches any of the following:

  • I'm black and I walk fast, you idiot.
  • That's crap - no race walks slower than any other.
  • Well, us black guys walk slower cause we carry more between our legs.
  • You honkie bastard, you walk fast so you can rush to molest children or screw black people out of our money.
  • I just be chillin watchin dat fine ass walkin in front of me.
  • You're nothing but a white racist.
  • Don't you have a life? Nothing to do but write this trash?
  • I know white people who walk slow.

Now that we got that out of the way, it is interesting to note that there are many forums and websites that bring up this question. The photo at the top of this post is from a Facebook page asking, "Don't you hate those black girls who walk slow in the hallway?!"

Yahoo! Answers, Generally speaking, why do black people walk so slow?

In high school I noticed that Black people walked so slow in the hallways (holding up the whole hall way) no almost no apparent reasons. Seems like almost every form walks slow too (fat, skinny tall, etc.) you get my point. I've also noticed they walk slow other places too like malls, and such.

So I guess my question is (to any race) why do black people walk so slow and for what reason?

Topix (Forum), Why Do Black People Walk So Slowly?

The black girls I work with walk 3 wide so you can't pass them in the hallway and do so at a snails pace. I couldn't walk so damm slow if I tried. It really pisses me off. I have shyt to fix and I must wait for these people intentionally being rude to everyone else that feels they should be working at a decent pace. I mean this place is paying us to work.

Things That Annoy Me, People Who Walk Slowly Really Make Me Rage

A few weeks ago I was going to my locker after first period and i had to pass 2 or three black girls taking their good old time.

I specifically recall one saying: "Damn, why does everybody gotta walk to fast." (Forum), Do White Women Walk Faster Than Black Women?

This might sound crazy but I have noticed that white women (especially hot ones) walk ALOT faster than black women.

My own observation is that all young people, but especially young blacks, walk slower if a car is waiting for them to cross the street. I'm not talking about slow walking but rather an excruciatingly slow ambling or moseying along. Here is what I do if I am waiting at a light and I see young blacks approaching the intersection: If I think there is time for them to cross before the light turns green for me, I let them cross, otherwise I start to nudge the car forward slowly to stop them from entering the crosswalk because once they get in front of my car it can take about 30 seconds for them to make it to the other side.

I have had the experience of three black girls stopping in front of my car to argue about some stupid thing forcing me to honk at them so that I could point out that the light was in my favor and that they were blocking the intersection. Many times they are shocked and annoyed that I had the audacity to interrupt their bad behavior.

Nothing in this article denies the fact that there are many, many white folks who are rude and uncivilized, and many, many blacks who are extremely courteous and civil.


I have previously written about black girls who block aisles in stores completely oblivious to shoppers who need to walk through.

Some of my readers may recall the story of a rude black woman who was forced off a train by police because she wouldn't stop talking on her cell-phone .

Then there was my article about a black woman who was fined for sending a text message during a movie.

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