How To Avoid Muslim Rapist Pigs

In my articles on sexual harassment in the Muslim world I pointed out that wearing the full body veil did not protect women against unwanted sexual advances from Muslim men; in particular read my article The Myth that Veiling Protects Women from Assault, where it was noted that 75% of all the women in Egypt who reported being sexually harassed were veiled at the time.

So much for the lie that wearing the veil protects women from unwanted advances from Muslim men. So what is a poor girl to do to keep Muslim men from groping, fondling, harassing, or raping her?

My suggestion is that since Muslims intensely despise pigs, perhaps women should try to surround themselves with pigs. Sometimes the only way to keep from lying with pigs is to lie with pigs.

lying with pigs
Photo Credit: Vimeo

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