I Am Officially an Old Person

birthday cake 68
Photo Credit: THE H.A.M.B. forums

Today is my birthday - I am 68 years old. A few Days ago I registered online to go on Social Security, so I suppose I am now officially an old person. However, I don't feel 68. I don't even feel 38. I feel 28 years old. Well, we all have our delusions. Leftists believe socialism is a viable economic system; Muslims believe Mohammed was a decent person; and I believe I am a young man.

When I was 50 I felt like I was 18 and now, except for my eyesight, hearing, sense of taste and smell, agility, stamina, and energy, I feel no different than a young man of 28.

According to The Poodwaddle Life Clock I should live until I am 97. I suppose by then I will be writing that I don't feel a day over 68.

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