A Muslim Walks Into A Bar

It has been a few months since my last posting of Muslim Jokes and so it's time again for mocking the most intolerant, the most violent, and the most easily-offended group of people on this planet. The title of this article is a joke with the shortest punchline in jokedom:

A Muslim walks into a bar. [wait 6 seconds] ... ... ... ... ... ... - BOOOOOOOM!

ugly muslim woman
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A Muslim suicide bomber dies and goes to paradise. Once in paradise, he finds himself surrounded by 72 of the ugliest, hairiest creatures anyone has ever laid eyes upon. A bemused Allah then says to him, "Why do you think they're still virgins?"

Q: Why did Hitler pick on the Jews for elimination, why not Muslims?
A: He couldn't get Muslims to take a shower.

Q: What do you call an evil Muslim?
A: Mu Ha Ha HaMed

Q: What do you get after you win a religious debate against a Muslim?
A: Death threats.

In one of my previous articles I documented the epidemic of pedophile gangs run by Muslims in the UK. While there are pedophile gangs run by the faithful of other religions, Muslims focus particularly on infidel women because Islam allows such women to be raped and abused. So the following joke relies on the reader being acquainted with the Muslim practice of infidel rape:

Q: Is it true that most Muslims are terrorists?
A: No - most Muslims are far too busy running pedophile gangs to even contemplate terrorism.

The reason I tie this joke to an actual media report is so when Muslim readers object that my jokes go too far, that the jokes have nothing to do with how Muslims really behave, I can respond that I am merely repeating a news story from a humorous angle.

Q: What's the difference between a micro-wave oven and a Islamic extremist?
A: The oven doesn't blow up when the timer goes off.

I apologize to those who believe one should not joke about any tragedy, in particular regarding the following observation: In my article French School Killer is - Surprise - A Muslim, I reported that the serial killer responsible for the murders of four people outside a Jewish school and three paratroopers in south west France turned out to be an Islamic fundamentalist by the name of Mohammed Merah. I'm not a detective here but I could have figured out the first name by myself.

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Sometimes I am asked for advice on going into business for oneself. The best suggestion I can give my readers is that there is definitely one business you can get into that needs no employees and very little money for supplies: the demolition business. That's right - you can charge up to $100,000 to completely demolish a building and all you have to do is spray paint "Mohammad likes anal sex" on the side of the building. Muslim outrage will take care of the rest, free of charge.

Caught a bit of interesting news the other night - a man from Saudi Arabia accused both of his wives of adultery - Two birds, one stoning.

Jack, a friend of mine, works at Newark Airport and often comes in contact with visitors exhibiting strange cultural dress and behavior from all over the world. Here follows his story of a recent encounter with a Muslim family that showed up at his checkpoint for clearance into our country.

Jack asked the husband to hand over his passport.

The Muslim man passed it to Jack, who opened it to the inside first page, looked at the long, black, bushy beard in the photo, then looked at him and said: "I mean your passport, not your wife's."

"My Muslim neighbor hanged himself a few minutes ago."

"Have they cut him down?"

"Not yet. He isn't dead."

Innocence of Muslims is a film about Islamic violence and terrorism. In reaction to this, the Islamic world has made an effort to dispel these myths ... by attacking embassies and killing white people.

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