Not Reading My Blog Leads to Barbaric Mutilation of Your Body

islamic crucifixion
Photo Credit: Big Faith Ministries

The Massacre in San Bernardino might have been avoided if the county had heeded the advice in my article I Told You Not to Hire Muslims.

As well, my female readers who did not travel to Muslim countries were spared being raped and murdered by Islamic thugs as happened to Sarai Sierra.

Even if you travel to non-Muslim countries, make sure Not to Fly if Muslim Crews Work on Planes. Sadly flight passengers who missed my warnings died if they were on Metrojet Flight 9268, EgyptAir Flight 990, or Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

There may be readers who don't care about being killed by Muslims, what's the big deal, everyone dies eventually. That is true, everyone dies eventually, however sometimes when Muslims kill you they make sure you suffer unspeakable pain before you die.

You might have read of the recent attack in Bangladesh. What the media won't show you is how horribly the victims were mutilated before being killed:

Reuters, 6 Jul 2016, Italian victims tortured in Bangladesh attack, autopsies show

Islamist militants tortured a group of Italians before killing them during an attack on a restaurant in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka last week, a legal source said on Wednesday.

The bodies of the nine Italians, most of whom worked in the clothing industry, were flown back to Rome on Tuesday. Autopsies showed that many of them had been slashed with knives and had suffered slow deaths. Some had been mutilated, the source said.

Muslims don't just want us unbelievers to die, they want us to endure unbearable torture first as punishment for being filthy infidels.

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