A Muslim, A Liberal, and I Find a Lamp

A friend of mine the other day invited me to his birthday party at his beach-house at the Jersey shore. He introduced me to a few of his friends and mentioned that I was the author of this blog. None had heard of me, which is not surprising, I'm one tiny fish (only 6,000 page views a day) in an ocean filled with more than 179,535,953 blogs (according to BlogPulse).

So I explained in quick detail that my blog was mostly a personal journal with an occasional peppering of Muslim Jokes and rants about liberal idiots.

In short short order I was in a heated discussion with a few of the party-goers: one liberal guy said that it was people like me that made him want to leave this country and live in multicultural Europe. He was seconded by Ahmed who said that America would be very sad indeed if all the Muslims living here went back to their home countries. At this point both of them called me racist and bigoted.

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Well, I had to defend my honor so I challenged them to a fight outside. The three of us started to scuffle on the beach when one of us kicked up an object from the sand. We stopped fighting and I rubbed the sand off what appeared to be a lamp and suddenly with a puff of smoke a genie appeared.

The genie, seeing that there were three of us, offered each of us one wish.

The Liberal wished that he and every fellow liberal be transported to Europe where they would find political life more satisfying. Poof! and he was gone.

The Muslim wished that he and every fellow Muslim be transported to the Middle East where they would find religious life more satisfying. Poof! and he was gone.

Now it was my turn. "So all the Liberals and Muslims are out of this country?" I asked.

The genie nodded, "Yes they are all gone."

So I said, "Well, I guess I'll have a Coke."

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