Camel in Egypt - The Best Selfie of 2014

Camel in Egypt - The Best Selfie of 2014
Nothing More Romantic than Capturing that Perfect Right Moment with a Loved One
Photo Credit: Hossam Atef Farouk

The photographer who took this photo says he did not Photoshop this image. After examining the image under a microscope I have to say I believe him.

Here's his description of the event:

We were at place called “Perkash” in Embaba, Giza, Egypt. We were stunned by the beauty of the place and shot many pictures of Camels. We decided then to take a selfie with one of the happy camels to memorize [sic - memorialize] the heavenly place. Later, when I checked the picture, I was very surprised that the Camel was actually laughing with us.

That's it - I have only good things to say about this photo - I wish all peoples in the Middle East would live in peace and harmony.

If you arrived at this article because you believed I would be offering Camel & Arab jokes then please go here.

If, however, you were hoping to find some camel-toe selfies then please go here.

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