Trump Tweets Are Smart Moves

President Donald Trump unleashed perhaps the greatest tweet ever Sunday morning on Twitter.President Donald Trump unleashed perhaps the greatest tweet ever Sunday morning on Twitter.
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New iPad HD Will Sell for 1900 bucks on eBay

jailbreaking your iPhone can 'brick' it.In 1637 a mass hysteria surrounding tulip bulbs gripped the Dutch public where people paid ridiculously many times more for a product than it was actually worth. Apple users are similarly in thrall to Apple products.
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What Do I See in my Rearview Mirror?

boobs on beetleA reader of mine forwarded this to me from the Russian forum Kamorka (garret). But before I show it to you, tell me what your first thought is upon looking in the rearview mirror. Did some beautiful, callimammarous young woman sneak into the back seat of your car?
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Why the NY Times Idiots Missed the Van Jones story

dead jews stacked on top of each otherSee the photo above? What would the world have said of the New York Times if in 1945, instead of printing this photo out of respect for the sensitivities of Nazis, the New York Times instead merely mentioned that "soldiers entering the death camps saw dead bodies stacked everywhere."
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star trek text gameFor any of my readers who don't know, poor souls afflicted with kleptocodia [yes, I made the word up] suffer from an obsessive impulse to download software they do not need nor will ever use.
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Echolalia Contraria

EcholaliaWhen I write, "Muslims are a backward, savage, primitive, violent, barbaric group of people," some Muslim apologist will comment, "Oh yeah, what about Christians 400 years ago?" I suppose by this logic I cannot criticize Nazis because some imbecile will see my Hitler and raise me an Attila the Hun.
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Geert Wilders` speech in House of Lords in Brave Britain

begging for life from MuslimsEurope is currently suffering through a plague - the disease? Bendurnea (prounounced bend-your-knee-a). Bendurnea is a medical condition that slowly eats away at one's spine in the face of Muslim threats which in turn causes the body to lean precipitously forward until the knees can no longer support the weight of the collective guilt of being intolerant toward a religion causing them to buckle under the pressure. The end-stage of Bendurnea disease is the complete failure of the knees to hold the body up and one is forced to spend the rest of one's life in a position of supplication and humiliating submission.
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Sitting on a toilet for Two Years

One way to keep us guys from leaving the toilet seat up!According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 3.2 million Americans ages 18-54 have agoraphobia, an abnormal fear of open spaces which predominantly affects women.
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Malvy - the 8th Deadly Sin

the joker - malvyI remember the first week when Sister told me that I had to register for Catechism classes on Sunday as well as show up for mass. I brought up the point that I was Jewish and so perhaps was exempt from those two activities. Eh, she didn't buy it.
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New Google-type search: Moogle

moogle for muslimswhat the Muslim world needs is Moogle, a Muslim search engine. It must be very frustrating for Muslims to use ordinary google and search for "the greatest number of Nobel Prize winners" and get back the answer: Jews.
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