Did Jaques Cousteau convert to Islam?

One of the most embarrassing things plaguing the Muslim community is the fact that almost the entirety of the Muslim world is ignorant, poor, unaccomplished (1) and in possession of low IQ (2) while their most hated foe, the Jews, are the most educated, most wealthy, most accomplished (3), and in possession of high IQ (4).

As well, it is a known fact that those who convert to Islam come from the most ignorant segment (5) of a population.

To counter this abysmal shame, many Muslim websites have taken to publishing fabrications which purport to show that famous, intelligent non-Muslims have converted to Islam. Take for example this comment from reader Precious Merveille in response to my article Offensive Arab Jokes wherein I asked him to name one discovery in the Qur'an:

My pleasure :)

The famous French oceanographer Mr Jacques Yves Cousteau, who has spent his lifetime on undersea discoveries and is considered an authorithy on undersea exploration has embraced Islam after his amazing undersea discovery was confirmed by the Holy Qur'an the last and final revealed guidence of Allah (God Almighty) for the whole of Mankind and Jinns.

One day somewhere in deep ocean, Mr Jacques Yves Cousteau was doing some undersea exploration when he discovered that within the salty sea water there were several spring of sweet palatable water.

What amazed him most was the fact that the sweet water of the springs was not mingling with the salty water of the sea. For a long time he tried to find plausible excuse for this phenomena, but to no avail.

One day when he mentioned it to a Muslim Professor who told him this phenomena simply followed Allah's command as clearly explained in the Holy Qur'an. He then read to Mr Cousteau the following verses from the Holy Qur'an :

"It is He (Allah) Who has let free the two bodies of flowing water : One palatable and sweet, and the other salty and bitter; yet has He (Allah) made a barrier between them, a portion that is forbidden to be passed" - (Sura 25 Al-Furqan : Verse 53)

"And He (Allah) made a separating bar between the two bodies of flowing waters." - (Sura 27 An-Naml : Verse 61)

"He (Allah) let free the two bodies of flowing water, meeting together : between them is a barrier which they do not transgress." - (Sura 55 Al-Rahman : Verse 19:20)

Hearing this, Mr Cousteau said that surely the Qur'an is a divine Book and embraced Islam. (This was reported in Al-Furqan-Ta-Ha Publishers, London)

This pathetic lie with slight variations is propagated in numerous Muslim websites (6).

Who says it is a lie? The Cousteau Society which emphatically stated in a 1991 letter [while he was still alive and which he did not dispute] that Cousteau did not convert to Islam (7); as well his family denies he ever converted (8).

It should be noted that the Qur'an is wrong: nowhere on this planet are there two sources of water, sweet and salt, that meet and do not mix; that's just another Islamic Myth. Yes, there are photos of two bodies of water that temporarily do not mix (9) due to surface tension, but there is no Qur'anic barrier in real life preventing the eventual mixing of the two waters.

Did Jaques Cousteau convert to Islam? Only if you believe in fish stories.



Planck's Constant Blog, How the world looks when you`ve created nothing

America patents hundreds of thousands of inventions a year whereas the entire Muslim world has only a handful in its entire history.


"Remember this pathetic performance the next time some bonehead tries to argue cultural equivalency to you. How dare these people try to impose their ways on us, or dictate anything about the way we should live. Theirs is a formula for poverty, stagnation and misery. Imagine: over a billion people, and they have fewer patents in their entire recorded history than did the citizens of Utah last year".


Planck's Constant Blog, Muslim IQ

The brutal fact is that the economic failings of France's Muslim and African immigrants stem in large measure from their low average IQ.


Planck's Constant Blog, What Makes Jews So Successful?

Since Jews had no problems trading with each other, many became merchants, manufacturers, and international bankers. Communication from Spain to Morocco was facilitated by speaking 'Judezmo,' a lingua franca among Jews in Southern Europe and North Africa.


Planck's Constant Blog, The Problem with IQ

... South East Asians 85-90, Africans 80-85, Arabs 83, Latinos 85-90 (Full blooded American Indians even lower).

... Asians(Oriental: China, Japan, Korea etc.) 104, Europeans 100(plus a couple points maybe), Russians(who've gone through a huge amount of internal strife themselves) 96, Americans 100.

Jews and Asians... score the highest on IQ tests (110 and 104 respectively).


Planck's Constant Blog, Muslim Converts come from the most Ignorant

[of those who convert to Islam] ... only 15 percent had any level of university education (which is about half of the national average); this indicates that Islam is actually more attractive to those with less education.


The Islamic Bulletin , How Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau accepted Islam

In France, Islam is very quickly spreading among people, who have become famous in the most different fields of knowledge and activity. Today, the number of people, who left Christianity and accepted Islam has reached already hundred thousand. Archbishop Parisian - supreme ecclesiastic of the French Catholic church,officially confirms these figures. Among those, who preferred Islam, - not only are natives of working class and civil servants, among them are also some certainly outstanding people.

Great French scientist - oceanographer, initiator of researches of sea and ocean depths, inventor of an aqualung, underwater house, the device for «diving saucer», author of many popular books and films, Jacque Iv Cousteau is known in entire world. But very few people know, that scientific researches carried out by him and fact of reflection in the Koran of many scientific signs have led him to accept Islam and he died as a Muslim. Well-known to the whole world, researcher of underwater environment declared, that choice of Islam was most correct decision in his life. In a series of telecasts «Alive Sea», captain Cousteau uncovers surprising underwater world of the seas, rivers and oceans before people.

Investigating water open spaces in strait of Gibraltar, he found out surprising fact not explained by science: existence of two water layers, not mixing up with each other. They as if are divided by a film and have among themselves precise border. Each of them has temperature, salt structure, animal and flora. These are waters of Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean adjoining with each other in strait of Gibraltar.

«In 1962, - tells Jacque Cousteau, - German scientists found out, that in Bab el Mandeb, where waters of Gulf of Aden and Red sea converge, waters of Red sea and Indian ocean do not mix up. Following example of colleagues, we began to find out, whether waters of Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea mix up. First, we investigated water of Mediterranean Sea - its natural level of salinity, density and forms of life inherent in it. We made the same in Atlantic Ocean. These two weights of water meet in strait of Gibraltar already thousand years and it would be logical to assume, that these two huge water weights for a long time should get mixed up - their salinity and density should become identical, or, at least, similar. But even in places, where they converge closely, each of them keeps its properties. In other words, in places of merge of two weights of water, water curtain does not allow them to mix up».

At detection of this obvious and improbable fact,scientist was extremely surprised. «I long rested on laurels at this surprising phenomenon which is not explained by laws of physics and chemistry», - writes Cousteau. But scientist tested even greater surprise and admiration, when found out, that about this is written in Koran for more than 1400 years back. He learned about it from the French doctor Moris Bukay, who accepted Islam. «When I told to him about my discovery, he skeptically told me, that about it has been told 1400 years back in Koran. It was for me as thundering during clear sky. And realy, so it appeared, when I looked at translations of Koran. Then I exclaimed: «I swear, that this Koran which 1400 years ago lag behind modern science, can not be speech of person. It is true speech of Almighty». After that I accepted the Islam and each day I was amazed by truth, justice, ease, utility of this religion. I am indefinitely grateful that He opened my eyes for Truth», - writes further Cousteau.


Wikipedia, Jacques Cousteau (Conversion to Islam)

The Cousteau Society (originally named the "Cousteau Foundation" until 1992) was founded by Jacques-Yves Cousteau himself and is currently chaired by his second wife Francine Cousteau.

The following letter of clarification (dated 1991) from Didier Cerceau of the Cousteau Society emphatically states that Cousteau did not convert to Islam. Note that this is an official communication made by Cousteau's Foundation and he did not repudiate it.

Monsieur Charles TUCKER 11A Chemin de Pennachy 69230 ST GENIS LAVAL


Paris, November 2, 1991

Sir, We have received your letter and we thank you for your interest in our activities. We state precisely to you that Commander Cousteau has not become a Muslim and that this rumor passes around without foundation.

Very cordially,

chargé de mission


Jacques-Yves Cousteau died of a heart attack on June 25, 1997 in Paris, aged 87. He did not have an Islamic burial, rather he was buried in a Roman Catholic Christian funeral. He was buried in the family vault at Saint-André-de-Cubzac in France.


Forbes Magazine, Cousteau Comeback

Exploring the coral reefs of the Red Sea

For decades, as the pioneer of systematic underwater exploration, inventor of the Aqua-Lung and the leading exponent of preserving the sea's ecology, Jacques Cousteau was a global media hero. His documentaries of his trips under the oceans were seen wherever TV existed. In the Muslim world, the rumor still endures that he converted to Islam before he died, although his family has respectfully denied it often.


HoaxOrFact.com, Merging Oceans - Where Two Oceans Meet - Facts Analysis

Where Two Oceans MeetThese two bodies of water were merging in the middle of The Gulf of Alaska and there was a foam developing only at their junction. It is a result of the melting glaciers being composed of fresh water and the ocean has a higher percentage of salt causing the two ocean bodies of water to have different densities and therefore makes it more difficult to mix.


This happens when glaciers of fresh water start melting and flow to join the ocean water which is more salty. Because of the difference in the salinity and densities of these two meeting ocean water bodies, a surface tension is developed between them that acts like a thin wall and does not allow them to mix. But given enough time, they will eventually mix together.

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