Top 13 Posts to 8 November 2012

Every once in a while I like to review my stats and see the top 13 posts my readers have been visiting for the past 30 days. As usual, the most visited articles are in the category of Muslim Jokes. So for those of my readers who share my curiosity here are the top 13 for the past month:

  1. scarlett johansson boobs

    Most Beautiful Bosoms in Hollywood

  2. alicia machado sexy

    Alicia Machado - Feb Playboy Mexico 2006

  3. Dirty, sexy Canadian money

    New Canadian Currency: Thwarting Islamic Terror

  4. Even More Incredibly Tasteless Muslim Jokes

  5. Obama Jokes

  6. dakota rose

    Dakota Rose: What Girls Will Look Like in Japan in the Future

  7. This Photo of preteen girls could be child porn

  8. Offensive Arab Jokes

  9. The Most Offensive Muslim Jokes Ever

  10. Valeria Lukyanova barbie doll

    Real Life Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova In Bikini

  11. More Nasty Muslim Jokes

  12. 13 Crazy Toilet Paper Holders

  13. acid attack on Muslim women

    13 Beautiful Muslim Women

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