I Warned The World 7 Years Ago That Muslims Will Destroy Antiquities

ISIS Destroys Ancient 2,700 Year-Old Artifacts at Ninawa Museum in Mosul, Iraq"This is the fault of ignorant and dangerous people," I told my wife. She tried to correct me - you mean, "vicious and savage animals. If ISIS is anything, they are vicious and savage animals."
I replied, "I wasn't talking about ISIS,
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Satanic Cults are Superfluous When We Have Islam

A photo from an upcoming video short called 'Satanic Panic'.But as long as judges believe that Islam is a religion then whatever is duly considered a crime if committed under the auspices of a cult will instead be acceptable religious practices under Islam.
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Liberals Are Just Like Muslims When They Threaten Death to Those They Disagree With

looney leftBlogger The Rogue Jew tells us that Liberals are just like Islamic terrorists "Because you can have anyone who opposes you executed. No more debate of ideas in a public forum."
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Stupidity Explains Why Women Convert to Islam

paris hilton - as muslimThere is a rumor that Paris Hilton has converted to Islam. This is a hoax, although I certainly would not in the least be surprised were this to be true.
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The Difference Between American and Muslim Culture

Here in Jalalabad and other cities in Afghanistian, there were demonstrations against the planned burning of a Qur'an. Some people died.One of my visitors disagrees that Muslim culture is ignorant, violent, stupid, sick, bigoted, primitive, deluded, misogynistic, intolerant, hateful, backward and savage.
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2013 And 1.5 Billion Souls Still Imprisoned Behind the Crescent Curtain

Obama as Stalin with childDespite the collapse of Communism, there are morons who still believe that the system is viable and should be emulated. Our President is one such moron.
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Mohammed was a Thug

Mohammed Made His Bones on the Bones of OthersThe barbarism and lechery of Mohammed is well documented in the Qur'an.
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Mohammed Was Allowed to Be A Pedophile and Whoremonger by Scripture

indonesian anti-Islam comic stripIslam's holiest scriptures show that Mohammed was a self-proclaimed whoremonger and pedophile.
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My Sexy Next-door Neighbor Comes Over and Knocks on my Door

my sexy next-door neighborMy sexy next-door neighbor says to me, "I just got home, and I am so horny! I have this strong urge to get drunk, have a good time, and make love all night long! Are you busy tonight?"
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A Pound of Feathers is Heavier Than a Pound of Gold

pure gold shotThat's right, a pound of feathers weighs more than a pound of gold. Let me explain why.
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